I used this magnet on my Kawasaki Ninja 300 to help turn red lights green. Sometimes the magnetic induction sensors that trigger lights are not strong enough to pick up light vehicles, leaving motorcyclist stuck at an infinite red light. I've tried mounting smaller magnets to my bike, but they don't help very much. Multiple times I've been locked out of the security gate at my work because the magnetic sensor could not pick up my motorcycle, so I figured go big or go home. Where it sits off the ground this magnet is still strong enough to apply 300lbs of force to any metal underneath it, so my days of being stuck at red lights are long gone :)
Magnet grades are used to identify how strong a magnet is, and magnet grades range from N35, the weakest, to N52, the ultimate in performance and holding power. When you buy an N52 magnet, you are buying the strongest magnet in that size that is commercially available. Neodymium magnets that are grade N52 are 35% stronger than commonly found N35 magnets.Wukong Brand is a professional manufacturer and distributor of neodymium magnets. All of our neodymium magnets's magnetic grade is N52.

I decided to conduct a test to see if the magnet could really support 246 pounds. One thing I have come to realize is that most magnets do not live up to their claims with regard to how much weight they can hold. I've had a 75Lb magnet lose it's grip with only 40Lbs of weight during testing and I've had a 165Lb magnet lose it's grip with only 90Lbs of weight during testing. My method was easy. Stick the magnet to an elevated metal weight plate and see how much it could hold at the other end of the rope before losing its grip. Surprisingly it was able to hold all the weights I had available, which totaled 125Lbs (see pictures). I know this is only a little more than half of what it's rated for, but I'm still impressed. I wish I had more weights to put on it to ascertain its real gripping strength.

Magnet fishing itself is not explicitly unlawful in most places, however littering and unrestricted dumping is. When discovering new places, be mindful of private property and ensure that all rubbish is disposed of thoughtfully, and never throw your finds back into the water. If you haul in guns and explosive devices, be sure to contact the local authorities as possessing these without permits is illegal, and are a dangerous threat to people’s safety if the weapons are still live, for example an un-exploded bomb; these items will need to be reported to the police so that they can be detonated safely.

Naturally, we don’t think a toolbox is complete without a magnet or two in it.  We always have a few magnets in our toolboxes.  We are continually surprised at how often a small, powerful magnet comes in handy.  Popular magnets to stash in the toolbox include the D68PC-RB (for identifying poles), the D6C (for magnetizing screwdrivers and other stuff), the TT-8 telescoping pickup tool and of course a single MMS-G-X8 or MMS-G-Y0 if you plan on going magnet fishing soon.

HOW THE PULLING FORCE IS TESTED The forces have been determined at room temperature on a plate of polished steel (A36) with a thickness of 1/2 inch. The pull force is applied perpendicular to the face of the plate. A maximum deviation of -10% compared to the specified force is possible in exceptional cases, generally the value is exceeded. Depending on the type of application (thickness/condition of base metal, temperatures, and direction of pull), the forces can be influenced enormously. Mounting on vertical surfaces can reduce the pulling force by up to 70%. The indicated values solely serve a basis for comparison under above stated conditions. The recommended safe working load is 1,000lbs. Please get advice and help from our experts.
First off, you have to look for serial numbers. If it doesn't have serial numbers, that makes it easy. You cannot legally own it, and you need to call the cops and turn it over to them. If it does have serial numbers, that's where your options open up. From here, you have to ask yourself if you want to keep it or not. I'd turn in any gun that I found, personally, but it's your find, and your decision. If you want to possibly help solve a crime, call your local PD's non-emergency number, and wait for an officer to come pick it up. If you're lucky, they might give it back eventually if it turns up clean. If you do want it, you have to start looking at your local laws. First, make sure you can legally own the gun in question. If you can't the answer is obvious. Some states require you to have a permit for handguns, others don't. If you are legally able to own the type of gun you found, go to step two. Second, see if your state allows private firearm transfers between citizens. Most states do. This basically means that if person A sells a gun to person B, and neither of them are felons or legally barred from owning a gun, A can sell B a gun with no paperwork involved. If your state is like this, you can always claim the gun you found was sold to you in a private transfer. However, you have to cover your bases. Here's how: Call your local PD and ask to run the serial numbers to check if the gun was reported stolen. If not, it's yours now. If it is reported stolen, you definitely can't keep it, and should have an officer come pick it up. After a quick google search I couldn't really find any laws explicitly stating you can't keep a gun you found. Generally speaking, turning in the gun is the "right" thing to do, but again, your find, your decision. (Obligatory: I'm not a lawyer, this isn't legal advice, check your local laws.)
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Magnet fishing is a very fun hobby gaining new practitioners every day. With a long rope and a powerful magnet, you can make really nice finds. Magnet fishing is a hobby that suits everyone regardless of age or gender. It also has a positive impact on the environment as you pick up things that should not be there, from the bottom of the lakes and channels. It is the perfect blend of treasure hunting and environmental work; a treasure hunt both adults and children will love.
HRM-R100 / 100 Lb. Pull Retrieving Magnet Lost Fishing Gear Scrap Metal and Nail Retriever, Strong Pull Retrieval Recovery Magnet, Fishing Magnets, Retrieval Magnets Magnetic pull:100 lbs. Overall dimensions: 4-1/8″ Length x 3-1/4″ High x 1″ Wide This retrieving magnet features a threaded hold and screw-in ring, so you can attach your own choice of line. Or […]
When it comes to the legality of magnet fishing, the rules will vary depending on the country and state laws, and it is best to consult with the local government body if you are unsure. Different people will have different views as to whether magnet fishing is legal or illegal. However, you can choose to view magnet fishing as an environmentally friendly activity where it helps to clean the waterways of scrap.
POWERFUL NEODYMIUM RARE EARTH MAGNET Perfect size for beginners and experienced magnet users. Start recovering tools, fishing lures, rare coins, watches and long lost items. Find scrap metal to salvage and recycle. Have fun searching piers, docks, ponds, lakes, streams and rivers, become an underwater treasure hunter and investigator. Even use your Stronghold Magnet to find items on land.
A1: There are multiple reasons to use a 400 LB magnet. Firstly the stronger magnet will cover a wider sweeping area so to catch more items than a weaker magnet. Secondly since most of the items in the water are rusted and in irregular shapes a stronger magnet gives a more secure grip on the items than a weaker magnet. Fishing Magnets 405 LB Holding Power Neodymium w/ Eye bolt River / Magnet fishing, Artifact fishing Features: 1. Super Powerful 2. Heavy Duty high rate neodymium magnets 3. Competitively Priced 4. Money Back Guaranteed The Ultimate Strength Magnets For Sale In The USA Today! Grade tested accurate!