The neodymium round base magnet has a capacity of 250 lbs of pulling force and with the eye bolt being heavy duty you can utilize the full force. With this magnet force being concentrated on the bottom and sealed in a chrome plated steel cup it helps to focus the force more directly. With this magnet being so powerful be sure to keep away from cell phones, credit cards with chips, and any other devices that could be affected from the magnetic force.
 This is a pretty fuzzy area since it’s a fairly new hobby. If you go to public areas, there should probably not be any problems.  You can ask the local municipality or council about where it could be permissible to go magnet fishing. There may be places in watercourses where for various reasons it may be inappropriate to magnet fish. There are, for example, fish or plants that may be susceptible to interference, power cables or fish farms. Always take the utmost environmental considerations. There are many other places to go magnet fishing if one place is prohibited due to consideration for the environment. If the water supply is private, you must, of course, obtain permission from the landowner.
I’ll toss in a quick section on courtesy. Try to keep a distance from other fishermen if they are nearby. Using the hop method, you won’t be disturbing the water too much, but if you throw and drag, that’ll scare away fish. If you find some lures or extra tools, it never hurts to offer some of them to fishermen. There are few to no laws concerning magnet fishing, and if we are good stewards to our environment and others, it’ll hopefully stay that way.
Ok we bought the 500 and the 1000. Seriously the 500 has to be plenty, maybe still too much. The 1000 I know for sure Im gonna lose some day. If it gets stuck to a girder or anything its gone unless i can swim to attack a chain to it. I accidently dropped it and it stuck to my curl weight bar, it took me 15 minutes to get it worked off it and there was only about a third of the magnet contacting the bar. Even though 5 stars, why the heck isnt the bolt simply longer to be double nutted or cotter keyed? That being said it would be obvious if its coming loose.
Most of your finds will probably just sit in the garage as trophies, but there are some other good uses. You can sell extra fishing supplies on craigslist, or use them yourself. You can extract and clean the memory cards from cameras, and either try and return them to their original owners, or just use the cards yourself. I’ve found several great kitchen knives that I’ve since cleaned up, and now use. Rusty pliers are a common find, and can be fixed with a bit of elbow grease. If you find any rusty tool that operates on a hinge, try to move it. If you can move it even a fraction of an inch, you can fix it. Put a drop of oil, (I use gun cleaning oil), on the hinge and let it soak in. Once it has, work the hinge as much as you can. The oil will help it move, and draw the rust out as you break it loose. Oil and rust will come out of the hinge. Wipe it off, place another drop, and continue. I’ve saved nearly a dozen pliers doing this.
Not satisfied with this, we figured that we should show up at the lake with some bigger, stronger magnets that would be ridiculously strong.  For the monster magnet picker-upper, we bolted three MMS-B-Z0 magnets across a length of aluminum extrusion, and tied that to our rope.  This setup is a lot more powerful, so we did worry about it getting attached to something that would exceed our ability to pull up with a rope.
Second is the rope. Nylon or polyethylene rope are the best choices, due to their strength and resistance to rot. Thinner rope is lighter and you’ll be able to “feel” things better, but thicker rope is easier on the hands, and much stronger. I went with 3/8-inch nylon. The exact brand I use is a fairly soft rope, so it is very easy on the hands, but is slightly susceptible to fraying. I got 50 feet. If you are fishing from high bridges, you may want 100 feet or more. SGT KNOTS Solid Braid Nylon Rope from Amazon is what I got.
Sturdy and well made but for magnet fishing I think I'll have to purchase a more powerful magnet. I used a method of basically shrink wrapping a plastic soda bottle over the magnet to help it not get wedged in rocks etc. when pulling it in which worked great - but that may also be why the magnet does not seem as strong.. I figured I'd rather not hook onto something so heavy I would loose the magnet but most objects had to be closer than a 1/2" for the magnet to pick up and most large things I could feel it easily pull off of. Again however that likely could be in part due to the soda bottle but I've lost too many a magnet shore dragging to not have a safeguard (plastic bottle).
I decided to conduct a test to see if the magnet could really support 246 pounds. One thing I have come to realize is that most magnets do not live up to their claims with regard to how much weight they can hold. I've had a 75Lb magnet lose it's grip with only 40Lbs of weight during testing and I've had a 165Lb magnet lose it's grip with only 90Lbs of weight during testing. My method was easy. Stick the magnet to an elevated metal weight plate and see how much it could hold at the other end of the rope before losing its grip. Surprisingly it was able to hold all the weights I had available, which totaled 125Lbs (see pictures). I know this is only a little more than half of what it's rated for, but I'm still impressed. I wish I had more weights to put on it to ascertain its real gripping strength.

Naturally, we don’t think a toolbox is complete without a magnet or two in it.  We always have a few magnets in our toolboxes.  We are continually surprised at how often a small, powerful magnet comes in handy.  Popular magnets to stash in the toolbox include the D68PC-RB (for identifying poles), the D6C (for magnetizing screwdrivers and other stuff), the TT-8 telescoping pickup tool and of course a single MMS-G-X8 or MMS-G-Y0 if you plan on going magnet fishing soon.
So, I've been watching videos online about magnet fishing for a while now and finally decided to pull the trigger and buy a magnet. After researching I decided to go with this powerful one. After getting it i looked inspected it for any potential flaw and I only found 1, the eyelet. The eyelet doesn't have anything stopping it from coming off. I ended up using blue locktight on the screw threads and and eyelet. This will insure that I don't lose the magnet while magnet fishing.
This Neodymium Fishing Magnets is made of a super strong neodymium magnet encased inside a chrome plated steel cup. The neodymium magnet is bonded inside of the cup with adhesives. At the same time, the steel cup also protects the magnet from being damaged when frequently used. The eyebolt is provided for easy application but you can remove it and make and install your own hooks or eyebolts.
I saw a video of people 'magnet fishing' on YouTube and thought "why haven't I heard of this before now?" So I had to try it. I read all of the reviews on Amazon about 'Fishing magnets' and this one had the highest review. Boy are they right! Be very careful where you let this magnet come in contact with metal. It took a strong rope and all of my energy to get this thing off of my tool chest. I haven't found anything collectable yet but I won't have to buy and teaspoons for some time. Who throws teaspoons off of bridges? I was expecting weapons. Teaspoons????