250 lb neodymium magnet and 50 feet of paracord. Get out and explore around lakes, docks, beaches, rivers, ponds, boat ramps and public piers. You never know what you'll find! Browse through youtube to see what other magnet fishers have found! Please average 20 days for each products shipping and handling. Product ships directly from China. Kit may come in 2 separate boxes. Warning: This magnet is extremely powerful and is not a toy. Be weary of other metal materials near this magnet. Do not get this magnet close to electronic equipment or pacemakers. Seller assumes no liability for injuries resulting from this tool. Grade N50 Neodymium Hook magnet Size: Diameter: 60mm Vertical Attraction strength::110KG Surface: Ni coated Magnetized through thickness

Sharks have special sense organs called ampullae of Lorenzini, small jelly-filled pores located on their snouts and around their head. This sixth sense can pick up the electrical field of small fish, which helps sharks locate prey in dark or murky water. The ampullae may also allow sharks to detect the Earth’s magnetic field, which they might use to navigate the oceans. Other groups of cartilaginous fish in the subclass elasmobranchii, including rays and skates, also have the electricity-sensing organ.

Some fishing piers are supported by metal or wooden poles/beams. For the ones with metal poles, be very careful putting your magnet close to it. I tend to stay about a foot and a half away from them at all times. Some docks are supported by floats. These floating docks are unique in that it is easy to search underneath the dock itself. Pick a corner, drop your magnet, and let some extra rope sink. Then, carefully drag the rope underwater to the other side of the dock. Finally, start your sweep with small hops until the magnet is back on your side. Doing this you’ll be able to find things that most magnet fishers would miss.
You need a very strong magnet for magnet fishing. It is best to get the strongest magnet you can carry and tie securely to a rope. Keep in mind that the magnet’s pull force will be at its maximum when the metal object is fully flat against it. During magnet fishing however, a flat contact would be difficult to achieve as objects that have been sitting at the bottom of a lake for a long time tend to accumulate debris (soil, vegetation, rust, algae etc.), and the metal object itself may not be flat – this is why getting a much stronger magnet is advisable to compensate for these irregularities. Remember also that the bigger finds will need a stronger magnet to be pulled out of their longtime resting place, dragged through, and out of the water.
I’ll toss in a quick section on courtesy. Try to keep a distance from other fishermen if they are nearby. Using the hop method, you won’t be disturbing the water too much, but if you throw and drag, that’ll scare away fish. If you find some lures or extra tools, it never hurts to offer some of them to fishermen. There are few to no laws concerning magnet fishing, and if we are good stewards to our environment and others, it’ll hopefully stay that way.

Most of your finds will probably just sit in the garage as trophies, but there are some other good uses. You can sell extra fishing supplies on craigslist, or use them yourself. You can extract and clean the memory cards from cameras, and either try and return them to their original owners, or just use the cards yourself. I’ve found several great kitchen knives that I’ve since cleaned up, and now use. Rusty pliers are a common find, and can be fixed with a bit of elbow grease. If you find any rusty tool that operates on a hinge, try to move it. If you can move it even a fraction of an inch, you can fix it. Put a drop of oil, (I use gun cleaning oil), on the hinge and let it soak in. Once it has, work the hinge as much as you can. The oil will help it move, and draw the rust out as you break it loose. Oil and rust will come out of the hinge. Wipe it off, place another drop, and continue. I’ve saved nearly a dozen pliers doing this.
 This is a pretty fuzzy area since it’s a fairly new hobby. If you go to public areas, there should probably not be any problems.  You can ask the local municipality or council about where it could be permissible to go magnet fishing. There may be places in watercourses where for various reasons it may be inappropriate to magnet fish. There are, for example, fish or plants that may be susceptible to interference, power cables or fish farms. Always take the utmost environmental considerations. There are many other places to go magnet fishing if one place is prohibited due to consideration for the environment. If the water supply is private, you must, of course, obtain permission from the landowner.
Brute Magnetics designs the best and most effective fishing magnets available. Check out our wide range of pull strengths and sizes for every skill level. From our 242 lb pull to our new cone shaped magnet, designed to reduce snags on underwater obstacles, we are sure to offer a fishing magnet for every skill level and need. For more information on any of the products below, please contact us.
This is ridiculously strong, like impossibly strong, and you better want it for that purpose. If it gets stuck to a smooth piece of thick steel, good luck getting it off without some sort of mechanical advantage. I bought it for no specific purpose, but i find i swing it around to find lost things a lot from the yard. I plan to get a few more of these to make a "super magnet bar" on wheels for sweeping grassy areas for lost stuff and my garage floor after projects to keep the tires inflated. i am aware various products like that are available but hardly with this sort of strength.
Magnet fishing itself is not explicitly unlawful in most places, however littering and unrestricted dumping is. When discovering new places, be mindful of private property and ensure that all rubbish is disposed of thoughtfully, and never throw your finds back into the water. If you haul in guns and explosive devices, be sure to contact the local authorities as possessing these without permits is illegal, and are a dangerous threat to people’s safety if the weapons are still live, for example an un-exploded bomb; these items will need to be reported to the police so that they can be detonated safely.
excellent magnets, exactley as described my wife and grandaughter and I used them for fishing along the boat docks and they worked perfectly grandaughter and wife had a blast...definetly will purchase again if we happen to damage or loose these ones. Excellent comunication with the seller and the items arrived ahead of schedule delivery date. do your self a favor and purchase a couple of these you wont regret it.

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Beneath the surface of the water lies the unknown and you could be on the verge of unearthing a hidden treasure. You’re certain to find old scrap metal and fish hooks but people in the past have discovered historic coins, firearms and WWII artefacts! What will you find? Other people use magnetic fishing to help retrieve tools that have fallen into the water. With a rope length of 10 metres, you stand a strong chance of retrieving your equipment.
This is my first magnet like this and consider me impressed! It is well built and super strong. I thought I would attach it to the frame of my power rack (thick metal) to see just how strong it was. That turned out to be an err in judgement on my part. After considerable force and a few scratches it finally slid off but wow.....it did take a lot effort.

Sturdy and well made but for magnet fishing I think I'll have to purchase a more powerful magnet. I used a method of basically shrink wrapping a plastic soda bottle over the magnet to help it not get wedged in rocks etc. when pulling it in which worked great - but that may also be why the magnet does not seem as strong.. I figured I'd rather not hook onto something so heavy I would loose the magnet but most objects had to be closer than a 1/2" for the magnet to pick up and most large things I could feel it easily pull off of. Again however that likely could be in part due to the soda bottle but I've lost too many a magnet shore dragging to not have a safeguard (plastic bottle).
Brute Magnetics designs the best and most effective fishing magnets available. Check out our wide range of pull strengths and sizes for every skill level. From our 242 lb pull to our new cone shaped magnet, designed to reduce snags on underwater obstacles, we are sure to offer a fishing magnet for every skill level and need. For more information on any of the products below, please contact us.