But that was the last gasp of a dying elite consensus. Twenty years after Bill Clinton told Americans they had the right to be upset about illegal immigration, his wife scolded the country for enforcing border controls. The 2016 Democratic platform demanded that all illegal immigrants living in the United States be, "incorporated completely into our society through legal processes." It was now Democratic Party orthodoxy not simply to let illegal aliens stay in the country, but to let them vote. 
I would give this book 6 stars if I could. Outstanding. Should be required reading for everyone in the United States. Why didn't I notice any of these changes taking place over the last couple of decades? I thought I was being so careful about what is fact versus what is wishful thinking or propaganda, but my perceptions have been heavily influenced, especially by the news media, and not just because of what is being reported but because of what is NOT being reported. I learned something about m ...more
The edition which we have chosen for this exhibition is from the Old Library, that is the collection of 20,000 books acquired by the Library by the end of the 18th century. On folio 35r there is an old pressmark beginning AKf2.  In the 1691 manuscript library catalogue there is a reference to a book of poems in Latin and English in an old character, which is possibly referring to this copy.  Of the various copies of the Stultifera Navis lodged in Special Collections, this edition is by no means the "best" example aesthetically. Tidemarks reveal at least two occurrences of water damage, and the book suffers from a fair amount of (often inappropriate) repairwork, probably made in the nineteenth century. The pages have been carelessly cropped, and there are clearly some pages missing at the beginning of the book. Even the late binding - added around the mid-twentieth century - is not of the highest quality.

It is amazing — and I have written on this subject a great deal in this space — that to believe in a colorblind America as Tucker Carlson does, to oppose identity politics, the latter which I have long since termed the son of segregation and grandson of slavery because it is, in fact, racist — is to be accused, of all ridiculous things, of “white nationalism.” It should not escape that the Carlson accusers on this score have a serious projection problem.
Many credit a great part of the book’s success to its illustrations. The woodcuts are claimed to be the first examples of intentionally comic illustration in the printed book. The fools themselves are depicted with ass-eared head-dresses, laden with bells, and occasionally carrying a "fool-stick" which has a replica fool’s head on its end. They are often depicted talking to animals. These features correspond with D.G. Gifford’s definition of the fifteenth century fool.
Many liberal and left-of-center people will refuse to pick up this book. After all, Carlson is a full-throated conservative who has never hidden his right-wing views. That being said, in Ship of Fools, Carlson often sounds very left-wing. For Carlson, the new secular religion of multiculturalism and open borders are just a dodge to keep Americans from recognizing that the middle class has been so thoroughly gutted that native-born workers are either working for less wages than their parents or are dying off in droves due to drugs, suicide, and general despair.

I absolutely love this book! Katherine Anne Porter was a Southern writer who wrote tons of short stories with only one or two characters set in her own distinctive world, but in this epic novel she creates a huge cast of characters from all nationalities and races and shows all of their turbulent adventures aboard a cruise ship just before World War II.
Even liberals understood the principle. After the fall of Saigon in1975, Governor Jerry Brown opposed letting Vietnamese refugees into California, on the grounds that the state already had enough poor people. As Brown put it at the time, "There is something a little strange about saying, 'Let's bring in 500,000 more people' when we can't take care of the one million Californians out of work."
I went into this with an open mind seeing how there are members of both ruling classes on the cover. However, the book is predominately a blast against democrats. I agreed with some of the points in the book but he completely lost me at the end with the last two chapters. I will attribute that to simply not having the same political views as Mr. Carlson. I would have like to have seen a more balanced view. Both sides certainly could use a lambasting at this point in time. They are definitely not ...more
I think the four stars is possibly more enthusiasm than I actually possess, but I did like it more than not. Certainly, it's long and lacks a propulsive narrative, but it's also so well written and such an interestingly textured read (Porter has, for example, such a keen eye for the grotesqueries of human nature, both spiritual and bodily), that I found it more compelling than I might otherwise have.
You ever stayed at a hostel in your twenties, and had a circle of people, all drinking beer and generally having a good time, all of you of different nationalities, getting along? Then some Belgian or Swede or something or other says something slightly horrific about refugees, or about how America has no culture because it is a nation of immigrants. Or a Japanese guy tells you that the actions of the Japanese army in mainland Asia in World War II were fully justified. Or a fellow American tells ...more

But Carlson wrote that "massive inequality" was the main factor behind "vengeful and reckless" voters packing the voting booths in November 2016. “They will elect politicians like Donald Trump as a sign of displeasure. If they continue to feel ignored, they will support increasingly radical leaders, who over time will destroy the ruling class, along with everything that made it prosperous. Left untended, democracies self-destruct.”
A masterful novel that cannot be rushed through. The novel takes place in 1931 on an ocean liner sailing from Mexico to Germany. On board, we have an eclectic group of people- Germans, Americans, Spaniards, Cubans, Swiss and 1 Swede.Throughout the book, I felt like an invisible bystander- I, with the author, moved from one group to another, eavesdropping on their conversations. The author spares no one in this aptly titled "Ship of Fools". ...more
As the Trump-friendly alternative to CNN and MSNBC, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” has ranked first among cable news audiences in its 8 p.m. Eastern time period every night since its premiere in April 2017. The program averaged 2.8 million viewers in the third quarter of 2018, according to Nielsen data, making it the third-most-watched cable news show, behind Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” and MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

Chavez’s actions were applauded by Democrats, who at the behest of the pre-deplorable unions that supported them, generally advocated anti-immigrant attitudes and policies. Joe Biden, for instance, introduced legislation to curb Vietnamese immigration, and other Democrat leaders and legislators warned of the effect on American workers of an influx of our former allies.
Ship of Fools captures that time, long ago, when being at sea was a necessity. There was no other way to cross oceans and a voyage could take weeks to arrive at a final destination. And because of this need, the types of people that congregated in close quarters on board a ship at sea was diverse. Ship of Fools captures the mood and diversity of passengers at sea during this bygone era.
I never read current political books, but this one was highly recommended by a relative, and I felt compelled to give it a shot. It wasn't exactly what I expected . . .Carlson is much more of a populist and less of a conservative than I anticipated. He addresses many of the issues where there is major contention in the U.S. between the progressives and the more extreme conservatives, and basically points out that the middle is being left out in the cold by the elites. He talks about a variety of ...more

…There was also the possibility that Trump might listen. At times he seemed interested in what voters thought. The people in charge demonstrably weren’t. Virtually none of their core beliefs had majority support from the population they governed….Beginning on election night, they explained away their loss with theories as pat and implausible as a summer action movie: Trump won because fake news tricked simple minded voters. Trump won because Russian agents “hacked” the election. Trump won because mouth-breathers in the provinces were mesmerized by his gold jet and shiny cuff links.