When you’re looking to buy a recovery strap, the best possible place to go is always going to be a hardware store. Here you’ll be able to buy a strap of the length and strength that you need, as well as all the supplies to make use of it, such as a winch and crank. Store like Home Depot will have a great variety of products from top brands like Smittybilt and Rugged Ridge. Typically a recovery strap will cost you around $30 to $40 depending upon the length that you need.
Thanks for the tips on the benefits of polyester recovery straps. They’re stiff since they stretch about 2% and provide more of a stable, controlled yank when pulling someone’s truck out. This is a good tip to share with my husband since we just bought an SUV. Thanks for mentioning that polyester recovery straps are the way to go for a quick pull if you are on stable ground. Thanks for the advice!
Recovery straps are different in that their material provide some elasticity so that they stretch. You can easily identify recovery straps as they have loops at each end, which are attached to recovery or frame points often found under trucks or on truck bumpers. Their stretching property is more important however, as these straps will initially stretch to their capacity, before pulling the vehicle as it attempts to go back to its original condition. More importantly, these straps do not have any hooks or metal pieces attached to them, making them safe to use if they accidentally come undone.
1 TOWING STRAP - SO MANY USES: Whether your car has fallen on a ditch, stuck in desert sand, deep hole, snowy areas or even swampy mud, this tow rope will fit the bill. Rescue your car in a heartbeat. Pull it from any hole easily, without having to break a sweat or pay a small fortune for professional car towing services! Stay always alert and prepared.
Constructed with premium polyester webbing, the Neiko heavy duty tow strap is equipped with safety hooks and measure 2 inch by 20 feet. This product has a 10,000-lb max capacity, making it deal for towing vehicles in emergencies. It’s a high visibility yellow strap that works in all climates, making it mildew resistant, anti-ultraviolet, water proof, snow proof, and Neiko promises it won’t stretch. Added durability comes from a classic woven pattern, which also protects the strap edges from abrasion and wear.
Next, consider the proper length of strap for your likely needs. If you force yourself hauling an ATV or jeep up out of a ravine or over a sand dune, you will need a longer strap; many measure thirty feet in length. For merely moving an inoperable vehicle out of a garage and/or down the road, short straps make more sense. If you are unsure which length will suit you best, err on the side of shorter options: they draw taut faster and require less space between vehicles, which is convenient for cross-town towing where space is at a premium.
This trip, I had to use it. A Dodge pickup did the same thing my son in law did a few years back and I took out this Rhino Strap, hooked it up to his Dodge and the other end to my Toyota Tundra and pulled him out with no issues. This strap did not even strain. I felt safer doing the recovery with a strap rather than a chain (not to mention the weight) and it was easy to use.
Put the car being towed into neutral: Once the car being towed is in the neutral position, make sure there’s someone in that vehicle. Then slowly drive the other vehicle and be especially careful if there’s a lot of slack in your strap. Try to avoid any sudden movements as they can damage the vehicles, hooks, and straps. If you’re experiencing a lot of resistance, double check that everything has been properly hooked up and that you’re using the right strap for the situation.
Looking for a strap that covers both towing and recovery purpose? Titan Auto’s Off-Road Heavy Duty Strap comes with enough length to offer these dual objects. Being a polyester made strap, it remains virtually unaffected by UV rays / hostile weather. You can also compare it with nylon straps for measuring its strength in watery condition and definitely, it’ll live up to your expectation.

As already mentioned, do not buy a strap with metal hooks if you plan on using it for recovery. For towing a free-wheeling disabled vehicle that is not stuck, they are fine. Those hooks can become projectiles if the strap breaks while using it for recovery. Also, keep in mind there are "tow" straps and "snatch" straps. If you are going to be doing any "yanking," you need a snatch strap with a very high breaking point (like the 30,000 pounder you linked). Snatch straps stretch slightly to aid in recovery while doing abrupt yanks with a recovery vehicle (think of it like a bungee rope). Tow straps are designed for slow, steady, consistent pulls, like chains. Speaking of chains, never use chains like you would a snatch strap (projectiles).

Not quite as durable as a polyester strap, its performance is sure to please you though. Very easy to accommodate. So, you ‘re allowed to forget its presence on your car until you are in dire need of this tool. In terms of flexibility, any other model available out there on the market currently can hardly beat it. Safe, reliable, tough, high quality product and dedicated to serve for years to come. No doubt, this long-lasting and affordable strap is a must have kit to deal with the emergency situations.

They can actually be better than your typical strap. This is because they offer a lot more give than standard tow straps. While a normal towing job will hold your car firmly in place during transit, the Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap made it easy to remove tree log, stump, bushes easily. Towing can be violent, and can cause damage when done incorrectly. Therefore one of your best options is always going to be having a Heavy Duty 3" x 20' Winch Snatch Strap in your vehicle at all times, so that you can utilize it’s effectiveness in an emergency.
I purchased this heavy duty towing strap to remove flower bed shrub roots of Holly bushes. I looked at a commercial firm and their estimate was in excess of $750. I connected this strap to my 4 X 4 pickup and snatched them right. Loaded and too them to the dump. Tipping fee was less than $10. Total Cost less than $50.00 (excluding gas) and the prickly holly bushed are gone. I Love it. Now I have another problem. My neighbors all want to borrow my strap and my 4 x 4 pickup!