Available in a variety of sizes is GearAmerica’s heavy duty strap. Buyers can choose from 3-inch wide by 8-feet long, 3-inch wide by 20-feet long, and 4-inch wide by 30-feet long. The company also offers bundles of different sizes, or certain straps in pairs. Rugged and weather resistant, GearAmerica’s strap features protective sleeves to prevent wear and tear, military grade webbing that withstands extreme loads and temperatures (-40°F to 215°F), as well as triple-reinforced loops to protect against abrasion.
Rhino USA did their homework when they devised the COMBO Shackle Hitch Receiver & 30′ Tow Strap, producing a kit that ticked all of the boxes claiming high-features.The considerate design and handy characteristics of this strap show that the inventors themselves rely on this product as their personal towing tool. The package comes with 30″ tow strap that’s capable of securing 31,418 lb, and a hefty Rhino Shackle Hitch Receiver with a quality finish. Besides, the D- ring shackle has got 4 holes, meaning that you can hang it either vertically or horizontally following your need. Best of all, you cannot beat the price.
There are even times when a person swerves slightly off the road and will find themselves stuck in a ditch. The driver will need to call a tow truck to help them out and pay a large sum of money for this service. A tow strap can help a person out of their situation. They will not have to pay for a tow service and can get their car on the road again in no time.
If you want detailed instruction of recovery techniques, I recommend Bill Burke's website. It has lots of free information or you can purchase one of his videos. Hi Getting Unstuck video is only about $20 and covers everything from pull straps to advanced winch usage. Better yet, sign up for one of his classes. Bill is one of the true experts in the field of off-road travel. His background includes being a competitor in the old Camel Trophy events sponsored by Land Rover.
The low stretch tow strap is the one that most people are familiar with. This tow strap is made from a nylon or polyester and only has around three percent elasticity at the most. This is ideal for people that will be need to tow their boat behind them or will need to tow another car. This strap is waterproof which is an added benefit and will make the strap easier to use in all types of conditions including the rain and the snow.

Polyester Recovery Straps stretch about 2% so they are pretty stiff. With Polyester recovery straps you have more of a stable, controlled yank when pulling someone’s truck out. With polyester recovery straps, you have a solid pull from the start but you don’t want to have a very large gap and delay in the pull. With polyester straps, you want short jerks or short pulls, not long driving starts. Polyester recovery straps are great for a quick pull if you are on stable ground and someone else is stuck and the distance is relatively close.
Type of recovery strap: The type of the recovery strap will be dependent on the material which is used. The non-stretchable type is good enough for smaller vehicles in Sydney. On the other hand, if you’re tackling an SUV, stretchable tow recovery strap is the perfect option for you. With the help of such a strap, you will be able to pull heavy vehicles quite easily.
Big Ant comes to your aid when you stuck at any off-road. To reinforce its durability the manufacturers have kept its length 20 feet and the width 3 inches. No matter which sort of weather is reigning, it’ll just make the work done at every atmosphere. You can verily rely on it in terms of towing due to its being featured with double loop. You’ll also find the strap perfect for maintaining proper distance between the vehicles.
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There’s a common misconception between tow straps and recovery straps, and often they are marketed as the same product. Although they look very similar, there are defining features to separate the two and their purposes. The largest difference between the two is that tow straps feature large metal hooks at each end, designed to hook onto towing points and shackles. Recovery straps meanwhile, do not have these hooks.
As for the 5,000-lb recommended vehicle weight, this represents the safety rating to accommodate for jerking, a stuck vehicle, angle of tow, friction, and more. This means a vehicle that weighs 5,000 lbs is actually putting 9,000 lbs of stress on the strap during certain situations. The webbing’s actual rated capacity is 10,000 lbs, which is the weight the strap has been tested to withstand.

The workmanship in this strap is fair at best. There are several loose threads and missed/crooked stitches. There are also multiple places where there are "runs" in the nylon fabric. To be honest I expected much better quality. We'll see how it holds up, based on the workmanship I don't expect it to last long. Other than an American flag on the product it doesn't actually say if it's Made in the USA or not. I have my doubts that it is, seems like mass produced low to mid quality gear. I off road in remote places so I need gear that I can trust. I also own ARB straps and even though they are now made in Taiwan they are of superior fit and finish. This might be okay as a spare strap or for emergency use only, buy something better like ARB if you want something that's for serious off road use though. I guess like everything you get what you pay for.