Our sleep system involves the Big Agnes Insulated Double Z Pad stuffed inside the Big Agnes Sleeping Giant memory foam topper. Awarded a gold medal from both of our backs, this system means you get four inches of inflatable pad filled with Primaloft for extra warmth, plus an extra inch of ultra-comfy memory foam to drift away to a good night’s sleep. Whichever sleep system you decide on, err on the side of overdoing it rather than skimping to try to prove your minimalism. Your back will thank you later.
You’re funny 184 Anaheim_Ducks_Hockey. Thanks for the invitation, but I have to gracefully decline. I do have a long story behind all this but I really don’t want to get in to it. It’s so funny that you mention I should rent from an older married couple. I did, that was the last place I rented. They were in their early 50’s and she was a clepto. I didn’t realize it until I moved out and realized all my brand new clothing was gone once I got to my new place. Every pretty thing I wore she made a fuzz over how much she liked and wanted to borrow and at the ended she ended up stealing it from me.

This is a big one. Even if you’re traveling alone, a car-charger-to-outlet power inverter is extremely important to have, because it allows you to charge or use things that don’t have a car charger adapter. With more than one person it becomes a virtual necessity, especially when one of those people needs to charge three cameras at a time. Pair that with two phones and maybe a GPS, and there’s no way you can get by without an inverter that has multiple outlets.

If you have no access to an outlet, even with 200 feet of extension cord, you just really need to get solar panels (meaning solar panels, wires, batteries, and a controller.) Even something modest that will run a couple of car coolers, “swamp” cooler in the day, or heat pads at night to keep warm or small electric blanket to sleep and relax comfortably and even to run a small electric bug zapper (instead of going with a tent set up) is going to cost $600. That is the lowest estimate I can think of. That excludes the cost of the individual electrical appliances, like the car coolers, heat pads or SMALL electric blanket and bug zapper.

Hi all, I am seriously working on getting out of my situation. Housing costs and debts and mostly lack of freedom due to a mortgage. I am about to retire and I want out of this…I am going to let my best friend who is homeless pay the mortgage and condo fees and if all goes well. I will pass all of this on to her and her children. I have way too much material things and it gets all in my way. I wanted to do this years ago but was talked out of it…oh well, now is the time. I will continue to work and live out of my car but I don’t want the family to know that. I am thinking I will tell them I have taken a job in another county…close by and they provide everything. I really need to do this..I am 62 years old and I figure I have enough spunk and realism to make this happen. I am open to any suggestions but seems like all the leads are already posted here…Thanks! and to all others, I pray that life continues to treat you well.
A concerned female called the popular NPR radio show, CAR TALK: She said that she had just discovered that her college boyfriend sleeps in a van…she wanted to know…what was ‘wrong’ with him and whether she should tell her mother. When this young man told her that he sleeps in his van, he must have thought that she would keep it to her self, instead she got on the radio and told the whole world.
Step 3: Be discreet. Don’t make it obvious that you’re spending the night. That means arriving at your spot late, after you’ve done everything else you have to do like eating and taking care of your bathing and toilet needs. Drive up slowly with the radio off, park, and shut off the engine immediately. Shut off any interior lights as soon as you can.
I personally don’t see the issue with it. Better than paying rent…esp Los Angeles’s high rent. If a person is saving money for a down payment on a house or something I’m all for it. If he’s not bothering anyone I wouldn’t have a problem with it. And as for the people who do have a problem with it because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths…eff em.
No homeless shelters or day shelters have free wifi I have been to many of them across several states and not one has free open or unsecured wifi or outlets for you to charge your cell phone with. Even though the poor really really need it, the rich evil think of it as some kind of luxury, like transportation. If you notice, people sleeping in their vehicles is not any kind of catagory anywhere. Because if you have a vehicle that is an extra, a luxury, only counted against you as an asset.
I lived in a Mitsubishi Eclipse for 6 months… saved up 20K. Had people try to break in to my car 3 times. Each time they ran off when they realized I was in the car. Still was a great way to save up cash. Two things for those who might try it. 1) you must keep a window cracked if the weather is even remotely warm or your windows will fog up and you could then get hastled. 2) NEVER decide to get a hotel room for the weekend. It seems like a good break, but will lead to more and more hotel stays. You might as well get an appartment. That’s what happened to me.
I’ve worked out at the YMCA, but are they open 24 hours? Mine wasn’t. There are people in this website who work different shifts. The Y would work out for people working 3rd shift. 24 hour fitness has over 400 locations and would be great with an All-Club Membership for those searching for better jobs in different cities. According to sugarfit.com there are more than 1000 gyms nation wide who never close their doors because 5% of gym bound people, use the gyms between the hours of 8:30 pm and 5:30 am. So it looks like the fitness centers are the best suggestion and won’t be going anywhere for a long time. Plus they have lockers to store your belongings, but only for ONE day. Then you have to take your stuff out again. I would store like a laptop or anything electronic to keep it away from heat. Unfortunately these fitness centers don’t have free cable (meaning for your advantage to watch what you want), but that’s no problem. Ever watch PIMP MY RIDE? Direct TV now has a satellite option for your car or van.

Keeping your clothes clean and washed is imperative as well. Which is why personal electricity-free washing devices can come in handy and prevent you from hitting the laundry mat every week or so. Also, if you’re nearby a river, lake or stream you could most certainly keep things clean the old fashioned way with a simple washboard, soap and clothes hanger. You’ll also want to keep dirty clothes separated from clean ones when in transit to prevent soiling any clean clothes by accident.
This is something we all need to do. If you do it the wrong way, it will make your life a misery. I will say here and now that one of the BEST things to spend your money on if living in your car is a portable toilet. A portable toilet, or a chemical toilet. These days you can regularly buy them for under $100 new at discount stores and second hand on Ebay. A typical two section porta potty has an upper tank that contains a water tank and pump. The bottom contains a waste tank. You can buy them in all sorts of sizes and capacities. Usually the bigger the better because it means more uses between emptying. In reality though, you might need to empty it more often due to the smell. And smell they do. So you might want to use public toilets when you can, reserving your potti for night use.
I’m female. Much harder to be homeless . My brother on parole threw me out because he wanted my elderly mom to himself and her check. And her house. No his parole officer did nothing. ..soo Walmart parking lots to sleep. . I wear baggy clothes since I’m an extremely attractive female. I have no one , no good family, zilch. Its summer and my truck is hot. I stay cool by going to mall to sit. I have income., But no one would rent to me so it seemed. I look too Haggard and tired, maybe it shows it’s hard. Emotional and tired. I’m sitting here looking for rooms to rent, been homeless now a month. I’m about to go to hospital for exhaustion.

I realize most people would find this desperate but I really feel like i am getting away with something! Sort of silly I suppose. My goal is to pay off a $5600 debt. I am able to put $!000 o month on it so its going ok. I shouldn’t have to do it for too long. But I am starting to question the value of having my own place. I mean once you sign the mortgage papers you don’t really own it until its paid off. You only really signed to have the right to pay for it! And then life becomes so limited?
soon i will be setting off on my own liveing in a car adventure. i live in wisconsin and my fiance is going to college in southern wisconsin so im following her down there i dont have a job currently but have a little money saved up for things ill really need i allready have a bunch of dry food (cereal is a life saver) i love the idea of getting a gym membership cuz i am a bigger guy and i could use a little excersise i hopefully wont be liveing out of my van (all seats are removed) for too long im guessing a month maybe two at the most but ill do it as long as i have too. so i thank you all for your great ideas and life lessons and respect every last one of you that have gone or is still going through this you are awsome peopls
I’ve lived out of my car on and off in the past year, as a voluntary experiment with the vagabonding lifestyle. Large and mid-large SUV’s, when their seats are folded down, create a flat platform which functions as a good sleeping base. A mattress pad makes good cushion, and best of all, absolutely no one suspects an SUV parked overnight at Walmart to harbor a sleeping person, especially with the tinted rear windows. Space is rather limited though, and acrobatics are necessary to enter the sleeping section. If you are on an extreme budget, a rag and some soap in… Read more »
In severe liver injuries (class ≥III), or those with hemodynamic instability, surgical correction is generally necessary.[5] In these severe injuries a hepatopancreatobiliary surgeon may be utilized rather than a trauma surgeon given their expertise with the organ and generally yields better outcomes.[1] Surgical techniques such as perihepatic packing or the use of the Pringle manoeuvre can be used to control hemorrhage.[2][3] Temporary control of the hemorrhage can be accomplished through direct manual pressure to the wound site.[2] In these severe cases it is important to prevent the progression of the trauma triad of death, which often requires the utilization of damage control surgery.[10] The common cause of death while operating is exsanguination caused by profuse loss of blood volume.[13] Rarely, surgery entails the use of liver resection, which removes the source of the bleeding and necrotic tissue. The drastic nature of this procedure means it can only be used in hemodynamically stable patients.[8] Another rare procedure would be liver transplantation which is typically impractical due to the logistics of finding a proper organ donor in a timely fashion.[14]