But anyway, I have a dodge caravan with removable seats. Im short so I got all leg room i need. My problem is going to be heating and storage for my clothes and tools. I was thinking about using my friends portable propane grill for heat. Those little cans are fairly cheap. I have a power inverter for all my electronics up to 75w. The gym membership seems like a fantastic idea for hygiene.

They sell heat pads specifically made for car seats online, that plug in directly to the cigarette lighter for $10. they have the shape and size of a car seat. But I like the king size heat pads because they are so much more versatile and easy to care for. You are not able to wash those car seat heat pads because of all the wiring inside and they are made with cloth and will just get atrocious filthy over time. They are not made to be washable like electric blankets. A heat pad is plastic covered and very easy to clean. You can put a foot warming electric blanket over your car seat. it is just larger than the size of a car seat and is wholly washable and durable. But they cost about $20 and you will need a plug in inverter to connect them to the battery. That is what I did and it works wonderful for sleeping. but if I want strong quick heat, like going back to the car to sit in or drive after shopping or studying for hours and the car is stone cold, you will need the heat pad.

It is a shame to read how average people have to pay hgh rents for a small apartment. There is not any bailout for renters, and with people losing homes, the rental market is gourging people!!! They make you pay for water besides the rent. I am ready to write McCann and ask may I housekeep one of his homes.He has 7 or more, I am willing to housesit, since my rent takes most of my SS check!! I worked very hard all my life and I am not poor or rich, but with the rising prices, I may have to put everything in storage and volunteer to live at a homeless shelter. I have some savings, but I am using it to supplement my SS and a part-time job. The people shipping jobs overseas and bringing in foreign workes should lose all their money to Bernie Madeoff. He made off with the crooks money…lol One rich woman said she was down to living in one home…She had to sell three. Poor baby!!!!!
I lost my job out in Denver about 4 months back then I spent the rest of my saving on a move to Idaho for another job. Which I was laid off from after 6 weeks so after two months without work I’m pretty much broke. I just sold/pawned/gave away most of my possessions and in 2 weeks I’ll be moving into my ’95 Subaru wagon and driving to Portland to look for work I’ve got heard that the shelters there offer free 24 hr showers and a place to send/receive mail. I’ll admit to being a little anxious about this decision because if my car gets impounded for vagrancy I’m on the street but I’m also somewhat excited as I’ll be living on my own terms with more flexibility than I’ve every really had. I don’t think I have a romanticized view on doing this I’m sure some days I’ll get damn sick of my car but think it’ll force me to be more active than I’ve been in the past. Anyway this is a great thread I’m glad to have found it lots of great pointers and I look forward (sort of) to joining my fellow vehicle dwellers in PDX
Hi all! What great reading here! I do not currently live out of my vehicle, but I do travel a lot, mostly camping. Years ago I spent over a month travelling in a GMC Safari minivan. My friend made a loft. A full size mattress (no box spring) fits perfectly in the back. We had it just high enough off the floor to store clear, plastic storage containers underneath. I made curtains. I slept so well in that van, it was great. We made a lot of trips in that van. It was small enough to get off the beaten path, yet big enough I didn’t feel crowded. If you are roughing it single, a twin bed would give you so much more room. We made fitted screens to cover the side windows. Camping in the midwest and east, this is soooo necessary. Out west, it can get a little hot. Battery powered fans work well. Get a car charger for your rechargable batteries. They sell them at REI.
That’s a good, thoughtful question, Jean. I have some consumer debt to pay off then my only debt will be student loans. I expect to pay off the consumer debt well before next spring. So, my goal is that by next spring, I will have a new apartment and get my dog back (my family has been keeping him for me in another state). I will recreate my budget with more balance (like saving more for retirement). I may even quit the second job and spend more time developing my teaching materials to sell online, or researching and writing about how to help kids read better.
I am so ashamed that roommates would steal from each other. No one would have to live in a car, van etc., if we would just stick together. Rents are too high, for the money we earn, so we must pick honest people, and share a room or a small apartment. Personally, I feel two is the max to share a studio and split everything 50/50. The more people involved, the worst. I am thinking of having a registry for people who want to share a room or a studio, and tell them to please have then checked out at the local police station. Never loan money to room-mates and always have an emergency fund of 6 months. Live frugally, until you get that emergency fund. Never share phones..Times are goingto get WORST folk, and we need honest people to pair off platonically and try to save some money.
Kathleen – Sounds like you’ve got the right mind-set and optimism to deal with the hardships that can come with vehicle-dwelling… Honestly I had way more headaches with home ownership than I’ve ever had while living in my van. That’s right – we are not rats, screw the rat race… I’ve been in my van for 2 years now and can’t think of many bad things to even say about it, other than my vehicle breaking down on occasion, but even then I had AAA to call for a rescue… Whether you can vehicle-dwell or not comfortable really depends on your resourcefulness and mindset. As for your expenses, don’t forget food! lol. That is where most of my money goes. Or vehicle repairs and gas. I’ve got a financial budget on my page, just go to http://www.faliaphotography.com and click on “cost of living” along the right side. Yes, S is going to HTF, so I would recommend getting as prepped as you can in your vehicle.. I highly recommend joining the WhenSHTF.com forum for survival info, too – lots of great stuff there. As for needing courage, honestly I have found van-dwelling to be more free, fun and exciting than fearful, worrisome, or dangerous. You’ve got to prepare for the worst, but keeping a postitive outlook is key. Maybe check out the book “Transcending Fear.” It is an excellent read and has helped me in many areas.
I have been living in my van since August I really enjoy being on the Move all the time . I had an apartment that was fully furnished with all the amenities and necessities one can think of with wireless computers and flat screen tvs in the bedroom and living room yet I was bored out my fucking mind, i didn’t had a girl friend nor a wife so every day it was drudgery coming home to this isolated existence, I snapped when I lost my job at the Pick n pull and after listening to Lauryn Hill song I get out of all your boxes and psychological locks I get out I really did get out so I rented a uhaul took all my furniture to the good will store after hours and dump all my belongings except my clothing. I dont miss a thing up to this day I have a storage for my clothes which I visit twice a week I had a lock on it i recently took it off , I dont care if someone want to enter my unit everything is replaceable, I am glad I took the steps and doing the homelessness thing,I have found out that I have Attention Deficit Disorder Hyperactive Disorder which makes me cranky and restless , so far I hate apartments many acquaintances trying to get me back in an apartment but I hate apartment living,you cant blast your stereo ,you have no freedom , basically the landlord expect you to pay the rent ontime and shut the hell up , that is too much control over me .I like to be free, I have a full time job looking a part time as well too much time on my hands. Currently I am hanging out at the 24hour macdonalds surfing the net sleeping in the parking lot and my gym is just a few blocks away ,where I showered and work on my Cardo .My biggest problem area is eating a well balance diet Macdonalds doesnot cut it , I cant afford eating at buffet every day
Another problem is that all kinds of businesses are putting passwords on their internet access. At least three businesses that had free wifi in the past year in the town I park in put passwords on their internet. Including the town public library! The library will not let you see the password. Only their staff members can put the password in your computer. 9-5 Monday through Saturday! The other businesses won’t give you a password unless you purchase something that day, the password is not good the next day. I am a regular customer at one such store, and the owner bastard will not give me a password even if I had several purchases that week, and not that day.
A concerned female called the popular NPR radio show, CAR TALK: She said that she had just discovered that her college boyfriend sleeps in a van…she wanted to know…what was ‘wrong’ with him and whether she should tell her mother. When this young man told her that he sleeps in his van, he must have thought that she would keep it to her self, instead she got on the radio and told the whole world.
For heat when sleeping in car or truck the absolute best thing is electric blanket, in the northern areas and am sure online you can buy them in any truck stop they plug directly into your cig. lighter and work awsum. A great blog I found that may answer many of your questions is: http://guide2homelessness.blogspot.com. I just found it the other day, the dude is a fantastic writer and wrote a small book addressing most issues you can think of regarding being homeless in a how to fashion.
To study the role of CAR in T2D, we crossed the CAR−/− allele into the ob/ob background to generate double mutant mice (ob/ob, CAR−/−). Loss of CAR function in the ob/ob background had no effect on a number of parameters, including body weight, food intake, fat-to-body weight ratio, and serum levels of triglycerides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids (Fig. S1 A–F). The lack of effect on serum triglycerides contrasts with a recent report using ob/ob, CAR−/− mice generated using a distinct CAR−/− allele (13). In that study, the effect on serum triglycerides was attributed to an activation of PPARα, which we did not observe in our ob/ob, CAR−/− mice (Fig. S1 G and H). We conclude that our ablation of CAR in the ob/ob background does not affect the obese phenotype.
P.S. Flexo, since you are focused on aspects of consumerism at your site, what do you think of the forced installation of products consumers do not want on their homes by the utilities? That is NOT capitalism or a FREE market. Consumers should have a voice and a choice regarding products to use in their own homes, especially when health concerns or issues exist, not to mention protecting our property rights.
I did this to save money. Everything happened at the same time including a $500. camera ticket in the mail for a classic California Roll and after hearing all the doom and gloom in the news about the economy I thought this would be the best I could do. I’m not scared. I’m okay. I can’t believe more than a year has gone by too. It went really fast and I learned a lot on how to live this lifestyle as comfortable as possible. I didn’t save money though, but I have been paying the car and keeping a healthy lifestye.
I have all but mastered living out of my 2007 crew-cab Toyota Tacoma. (It is certainly not for everyone.) The greatest advice I could give to anyone is: GET A VAN. I bristle at trying to imagine car living from a sedan. My truck is good, but a van is in a class by itself, and the ultimate one-person road-living vehicle would have to be Dodge Sprinter van with diesel engine.
I had a big scare a few nights ago. I parked in a business zone because I don’t like parking in a residential area so I won’t disturb the neighbors that could call the cops on me. Well, someone saw me and called the cops anyway. They came banging on my windows with flashlights. I sleep with a big black sheet on top of me so people won’t notice but since theywere looking in with flashlights they could see a body and even since I ignored them they continued banging with such a force I finally raised my head and they were shocked to see me and they asked me to open the door. Since it was hot, I was wearing little shorts so I climbed overn legs first, and I don’t mean to brag but I am fairly attractive and in great 24 hour fitness shape so they were a little flirty with me. They asked what I was doing, I said I was was resting. They asked if I had a home and I said yes. I had a fight with my boyfriend and I left and was just resting. I told them I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong. They asked if I was scared of gang activities. I said no, I wasn’t aware of this happening in the area. In my head I was thinking how I’m more scared of them because they could give me a ticket and impound my car and ruin my life even more. I apologized for doing something I didn’t know was wrong and told them I would go home now. I said good by and drove far away from that place and I will never go back there again.
Food can be stored in different ways, depending on if it needs to be kept cool or not. Canned and packaged food generally does not need cooling. You can store it in your car's boot / trunk. It can be put in boxes or bags. Generally, apart from protecting it from sharp edges, this sort of food needs no special storage requirements. Cold food on the other hand does. You may need to purchase a cooler or Esky to store this sort of food. This could be anything from a basic fold up cooler, to an electric 12 volt cooler. Personally I like the basic fold up coolers, but they are not so good for keeping food cool for days on end. For that you really need a polystyrene type Esky cooler. There's a bit of a false economy in using ice to keep food cool though. Unless you have free access to ice, it may end up costing you a fair amount of money to keep your food cool. You would probably be better off buying an electric cooler. Whatever cooler you do end up buying or using, it must be water proof. Cooling air and melting food can produce water. You don't want that water in your car.
It may seem odd to list hygiene as the fourth concern you should focus on. But, it’s hard to keep yourself clean in your vehicle and disorganization, smell, and general dishevelment is a dead give-away that you’re living in your car, which you want to avoid at all costs. Having bad hygiene will also be a serious draw on your mental health, which you need to keep stable in an emergency situation especially.

I lived in a compact car and used a trunk cargo net stretched across the top of the backseat (hooked into the headrests) with a blanket over the top. I had a gym membership and funny enough was in the shape of my life because hey I'm at the gym at 4 am I may as well work out before I shower. Trunk was filled with clothing and shoes. I had a job for part of the time at restaurants with family meal which meant I could eat when I got on shift for free and only really had to worry about breakfast most of the time. Others have said about getting a cooler and such but I didn't have any sort of room for that and $5 a day for a diner breakfast was fine for me (usually). I parked in rotating decent/nice residential areas, tried to find dark streets. Often I would see a full street of vans with blocked windows in posh neighborhoods I knew would not put up with "those people" being around during the day. So that's a good sign that the homeless there are vandwellers/chill and not the hardcore type. Parking late and leaving early (the sun will wake you) means most never knew we were there. Where I live (Los Angeles) there is a ton of homeless people so I avoided the "recommended" areas like Walmart as that put me at more of a disadvantage as a woman to be around others that may or may not be chill. I had a switchblade to sleep with and if someone harassed me (looking at you Venice homeless population) I just parked somewhere else. No use to get attacked to prove a point. One thing I wish I would have done is to make sure my vehicle registration, insurance, driver's license, etc. was all up to date, since I did not know when I would next have an address. You can't get a P.O. box without a physical address. I didn't have the correct license and ended up with a warrant at one point because I couldn't get a new license until I had a place to live :(
I have joined the YMCA. I had been going there and asking if I could just take a shower. Most of the time they said yes without a problem, sometimes they would say no and I’d have to ask for a manager. Now that I’ve joined I don’t have to ask anymore. They provide financial assistance to low income people. It would have been $99 to join and $51 a month. They waived the fee to join and I only had to pay a total of $76 for a 6 month membership, which comes out to $12.33 a month. I plan on going there to swim in the heated pool and to climb their rock wall.
We are so grateful to all the authors who helped in writing this review: K.L. as the first author wrote and edited the manuscript; Y.L. and J.W. contributed significantly to finish this paper as coauthors; L.L., the corresponding author, devoted himself so much reviewing and editing the manuscript; and K.L. and Y.L. contributed equally to this article.

Where will you be parking this car? Are there local ordinances that limit overnight parking? Is there a local ordinance prohibiting sleeping in public, or camping in the city limits? Or idling your vehicle for a period of time? Will there be children living in the car? If so, then per state law, they must have running water. Where are you going to get that? Running hot and cold water, in your car.
I recently upgraded to a better parking lot at the, Hyatt Place Hotel parking lot. I joined a gym for $9.00 per month with no contract. Therefore, I work in the Virginia, D.C., Maryland job market as an Integration Supervisor, but I rent a nice house for $800.00 per month in eastern North Carolina by the water and go down there every two weeks and sleep in my bed and enjoy the water, marinas and sunrises and sunsets. I have lived in my car for about a year, in the freezing cold of winter and hotest day of summer. But being able to adapt and being thankful for every day I am alive is the key. All the best to those who challenge the status quo and live to inspire others to do what inspires them.

Big Sur, the actual entirety of Big Sur, is stunning. Bordered to the east by the Santa Lucia Mountains and the west by the Pacific Ocean, it’s traversed by narrow, 2-lane highway, known for winding turns, seaside cliffs and views of the often misty coastline. It’s possible (barely) to whip around the winding turns, but who would want to? I enjoyed the slow ride (probably only accelerating faster than thirty-five miles per hour a few times throughout the entire ride through Big Sur.
During the recent economic climate, with uncertain employment prospects and staggering housing costs, some have even chosen to live in their cars as a strategic lifestyle. Pay off debt, simplify and de-clutter, avoid the yoke of an endless mortgage… Living in my car, proponents claim, means maximum flexibility with minimum overhead. In Walden on Wheels, a recent university graduate details his adventures in repaying $32,000 in student loans through taking odd jobs while having the adventures of a lifetime on the road — but he had an Econoline van, a palace compared with many modern sedans and compacts.
Now you can plug in a king size heat pad into your inverter. You can plug into the inverter any regular household electrical device, as long as it is not more than 140 watts. The king size heat pad I have is only 50 watts. It is about 2 feet long and I put it along my abdomen and thighs, because there is so much surface area there, with all the blood vessels, the warmth is carried throughout all the body and keeps me warm all over. Make sure your king size heat pad does not have Auto Shut off. And a mechanic switch is bettery than a digital one – you can accidentialy hit that digital button when you are asleep and turn it off or turn it higher than you want. 50 watts is when you are using the highest setting. there are three settngs, low, medium and high. low is probably 30 watts or so.
There are council- and privately-owned sites that welcome vehicle dwellers, but they’ll cost you. You’ll be subject to a ‘pitch’ fee — anything between £6-10 per night, depending on the season — which lets you rent the land your vehicle sits on. You’ll also pay service charges to cover the costs of the communal facilities and lighting, although you may be able to strike a deal that allows you to poo in the woods and shower using wiper fluid, if money’s tight.
Given its anterior position in the abdominal cavity and its large size, it is prone to gun shot wounds and stab wounds.[2] Its firm location under the diaphragm also makes it especially prone to shearing forces.[1] Common causes of this type of injury are blunt force mechanisms such as motor vehicle accidents, falls, and sports injuries. Typically these blunt forces dissipate through and around the structure of the liver.[3] A large majority of people who sustain this injury also have another accompanying injury.[1]