It is not paradise: I still work seven days a week, and there are still bills to pay. In the summer, there is the problem of shade from an early-morning roasting. In the winter of 2011, a few -17C nights provided a frosty welcome on my bedclothes. I always have to know where the nearest public toilet is. There is no running water, cheap electricity or refrigeration. Still, it beats wearing a suit for a living.

HI Ansonetta, I also live out of my car for close to two years as well and have a good job, my situation is a little different, im close to my retirement age, no friends, no caring family, and ex’s divorce nearly wiping out my retirement and savings so with the job i have i have made plans for a different plan for retirement, a Van for a larger living space and taveling to places ive only dreamed of until i could no longer drive for any reason buying food and gas from my Soc. Security retirement (if its still there).
My car still looks new and clean. I see that yours is newer. There is a new breed of car sleepers out there that aren’t on skid row, we are just trying to make it in this terrible economy One of the people that I recognize parking where I park has a brand new infinity and he watches movies late at night. It’s a new world. Please don’t worry about me. I’m a strong girl.
You are not alone, but this is when van living people should rent a house,and live like the foreigners. They live 20 or more to a house, and they normally work 16 hours a day, so they sleep in shifts. They are not living in vans. It is safer when honest people can share living space all over America and the world. I hope I never have to do it, but my rent is getting to take more of my income. Dishonest people is why I do not have a room-mate, and my personality. At times I just want QUIET! I get that living with God..

Thanks for the tips. After having a cop, and a couple people knock on my window after seeing me sleep in my car, I decided to finally spend the money online window shades. The water and snack tip is a good one too. It took me a while, but I finally got my car fully organized. Staying organized is one of the most important things, because you can not be at all comfortable when you’re sleeping in a kinky car, and have to get out to go to the trunkall the time to get your basic necessities.
What you can do is get a 140 watt inverter, and plug your heating pad in there. Pet pads are smaller and much more expensive than a medical heating pad. Look on Amazon. and remember the continual wattage consumption is for the device in the heating pad that detects if heavy weight is on it or not, not the device that heats up the pad. Look on Amazon and you will see the cost for pet pads is much more higher than human medical heat pads. You can get a 2 foot long medical heat pad from for $16. I got two of those last year. They use 50 watts on HIGH. 1 foot long heat pads from Wal Mart can be the same cost, and they use the same wattage, 50 watts on HIGH.
I’m aware that there are people who are forced to live in their cars by necessity. I’m conscious of the fact that my whiteness benefits me in living this lifestyle by choice. However, living in my car also allows me to save money for my hiking and travel endeavors, things that would be difficult to do if I had to pay for an apartment. Sure, I’m a girl from a middle class background, and I feel grateful for the opportunities available to me and not entitled to them. I regret that this article may have come across as deaf to social awareness. My intention was to present an idea of readjusting present priorities to make way for long term goals.

That’s some interesting stuff. I live in Florida and worked out of my car for up to 13 hours a day. Gets really hot in the car and running my car for all that time just to stay cool would be a lot of wear on my car. In your case, when it gets cold, how about running a hot hair dryer down your coat to warm up? I have a plug in socket that works fine for running fans. They are very simple to find and easily plug into your cigarette lighter.
I made a berth out of mostly 2by4 and a few wood pieces from an old book case(people throw those out a lot, now that books are no longer popular). The design is a shorter piece in the front like a bench setting on top of the bottom of the original seat, and a longer piece on top of the back seat in the back. The two pieces are not completely aligned because of the design of my car, but it’s real comfortable compared to just cramping up in the back seat.

Hello mate, I,m from London. I think what your talking about is what we call Bothy bags for shared use up in the mountains. Otherwise it may be smaller Bivybag. I use an ex British army gortex Bivybag with a good winter army sleeping bag. The thing is you have to insulate yourself from the ground so a foam roll up mattress would be best for the woods. You would also need a tarpaulin to keep the rain off you and there would be no protection from Mosquitos or flys or other ground insects. I used to wake up with lumps and bites, I did make myself a huge mosquito net bag to place over me and it can be very muddy if it has been raining overnight. Butthere are better, more comfier systems. One of the easiest most comfortable systems is to buy a Hennassy Hammock, made in USA and exported all around the world. You can string it up between a few trees and it has a built in mosquito net and comes with a great tarp to keep wind and rain off, but you can still look around you to see if there’s any danger. Entrance is through the bottom via a velcro snap opening and one can escape to enclosed hammock in seconds should you need to with a quick push down of both heels of the feet to open up the velcro fastener, and no, you cannot fall out bu mistake. If one must have to sleep outside of vehicle then this is one of the best systems. They cost around £120 then you gotta buy yourself a decent sleeping bag.
When I go inside some public place to use the internet or restaurant I plug in the heat pad that I keep between my winter jacket and sweater. A lot of places keep the thermostate cool to save money, or encourage people to buy hot food and drink, and I just cannot study or do anything if I am cold all the time. Making or buying hot drinks all the time to get warm is a hassle (then you have to pee) and they do not work as well as the heat pad. So I plug in. If they allow you to plug in a 100 watt laptop, how can they be upset for you plugging in a 50 watt heating pad for a little while. Just enough to warm up. And 50 watts is the high setting. You will probably use the low setting, abut 30 watts really.
Another problem is that all kinds of businesses are putting passwords on their internet access. At least three businesses that had free wifi in the past year in the town I park in put passwords on their internet. Including the town public library! The library will not let you see the password. Only their staff members can put the password in your computer. 9-5 Monday through Saturday! The other businesses won’t give you a password unless you purchase something that day, the password is not good the next day. I am a regular customer at one such store, and the owner bastard will not give me a password even if I had several purchases that week, and not that day.

I was amazed these WalMart people, the whole crew working in the middle of the weekday, were so stupid, that they thought there was a modification, when their own store sells inverters and wires. So I asked them to contact a store manager, and he put the issue to rest. so the WalMart workers were able to do an oil change on my vehicle, which is what I came there for.
There are approx. 5,000 council sites around the UK, however these are often near landfill, motorways or other undesirable land liable to flooding etc. These sites, without being disrespectful, may also be full of ‘undesirables’ so rocking up with a new Jaguar XKR-S or similar may get you a lot of ‘negative attention’, by which we mean a violent kicking. An armoured vehicle with all-wheel drive is advisable.
This is the city’s second attempt to control car- and RV-dwellers. The previous attempt was shot down in a federal appeals court in 2014. The issue with that ordinance was that it was “broad enough to cover any driver in Los Angeles who eats food or transports personal belongings in his or her vehicle. Yet it appears to be applied only to the homeless," as one judge wrote in his opinion.
A concerned female called the popular NPR radio show, CAR TALK: She said that she had just discovered that her college boyfriend sleeps in a van…she wanted to know…what was ‘wrong’ with him and whether she should tell her mother. When this young man told her that he sleeps in his van, he must have thought that she would keep it to her self, instead she got on the radio and told the whole world.
Exploring the molecular basis for decreased SREBP-1c expression, we found that CAR induces the phase II enzyme SULT2B1b, which sulfates and inactivates oxysterol agonists for LXR, a well known activator of SREBP-1c expression. The suppressive effect of CAR activation on lipogenic gene expression is substantially impaired in SULT2B1b knockout mice. Thus, it is likely that this indirect pathway of LXR ligand inactivation contributes significantly to the decreased SREBP-1c expression, and that there are additional mechanisms, including the previously described induction of INSIG-1 as primary CAR target (17).
If this sort of thing is forced on you, it's absolutely miserable - you have to think about how uncomfortable it is to sleep in a car seat and resolve that with potential back pain every day. Is your employer ok with you living out of your car? It means that you don't have a permanent address and some old-fashioned places that require formal dress may not be alright with your preferred lifestyle (I know it's all well and good to say that they can't "technically" fire you for something like this, but there are always loopholes and they will find a way).
Always keep the keys OUT of the ignition if you are intoxicated. You can’t be charged with anything. The police are mostly liberal when it comes to these circumstances. But there’s always that ONE who’s having a bad day and will take it all out on you. Just be honest—-let’s face it, the economy sucks and you will unlikely become the first car-liver he/she comes across on patrol.
I read up on truck stops and any where a truck is parked would give a notion that its ok as well. like in general how many truckers have you seen being harrassed my the police for parking on the side of the road, if anything i’ve seen as many as 15 big wheelers parked along the side of the highway over night in front of a small truckers restaurant. The reason i know this is I was the only car parked in the back sleeping 😉 To be on the safe side of things, call around and let the establishments know that your on a road trip and finding the best spot in town to park n eat etc, stretch it a little you would be amazed on how much information you can get just by saying “hi I’m planning a road trip” works everytime. I’m getting ready to move into my expedition once i start my new job 😉 so in what free time i have calling the area and they have been really helpful, since i know i’ll be working nights i’ll be able to crash in the employee parking lot since working 12 hrs i wont want to drive, already told my new boss that from long hrs i’ll be crashing before going home. he said not a problem, as long as you are safe 😉
Spare keys container: Having spare keys around are very important while sleeping in your car. You never know when you may need them. I kept a spare key for my car always in my wallet. Also, I went to an automotive store and got 2 containers for about $10 that store keys and have a magnetic cylinder on the back so you can connect it to any metal at the bottom of your car for when you lose or lock your keys in your car. Make sure to put it where no one can see it. Make sure no one knows it is there. Only you.

also a thought for people thinking about moving to cali, esp. L A. i sold off everything i owned last summer to move out there and pursue my dream of living in cali and being an artist. have cooked for ten years in the restaraunt industry, painted commercialy and residentially for 5 years and been a wedding/ bar mitzfa/ private party dj for six years, had plenty of exp. just couldnt find a job, it is so oversaturated with homeless people ( i do not mean homeless in the since of wat we are talking about on this site, rather the crazies who talk to light poles and are seen ranting and raving on the side of the road) and such living off the state, i could not find a job. two weeks out i got pickpocketed and had to enroll in their residency return program so i could make it back home and resume my job to where i knew even if i was homeless i could have a good job and still enough time to take care of my personall BS. dont ever tell people about how “bad” off u are they willl never understand, just think that you are living less of a fullfilling life than they are.if we stick together and share our knowledge there is nothing we cant overcome peace be with you my fellow family.
Industrial estates and business parks are often noisy by day, but very quiet at night. Small ones close to residential areas are best. They have to be quiet at night. You may encounter security in some places like this, but if you are honest, saying you are just sleeping the night in your car, they usually won't bother you. Their main role is to protect the property.
Let’s face it. We love television. Well, maybe you don’t, but we sure do, and so does just about everyone else. Even as viewership of traditional television sources falls, online viewership is on the rise. In fact, the 9th edition of Deloitte’s Digital Democracy Survey found that while cable and satellite television subscriptions remain the favorite method of television watching for Generation X, the Baby Boomers, and older folks, younger millennials have shifted focus almost entirely to streaming sources.
CAR is an artificial protein complex consisting of an ectodomain, a hinge, a transmembrane domain, and an endodomain. The ectodomain, which commonly derives from a single-chain variable fragment (ScFv), is responsible for recognition of TAA in a non-HLA-restricted manner. Therefore, the immune escape induced by downregulated expression of HLA molecular can be suppressed by CAR-T cells. The hinge and transmembrane domain make the CAR fixable and stable to guarantee CAR’s function, as Moritz and Groner11 demonstrated that introduction of a hinge between ectodomain and transmembrane can enhance the engagement of CARs and antigens on cell membrane. The endodomain deriving from CD3 provides stimulating signals for activation of T cell. Currently, the modular structure has been extended from first-generation that was attached with a CD3 chain singly to second- and third-generation CARs which was attached with two or three costimulatory domain, such as CD28, CD134, ICOS, and CD137.12 These extra costimulatory domains can provide costimulatory signals to allow T cell to pass through multiple checkpoints that regulate activation, proliferation, differentiation, and survival after receptor engagement under physiological conditions.13 Moreover, costimulatory elements can enhance the activity and persistence of CAR-T cells, as preclinical data of homological malignancies have suggested that costimulatory elements provide a more potent signal enhancement not only on T cells proliferation but also on survival, and same conclusion was confirmed in ovarian tumor models.14 More recently, the fourth generation CAR-T, termed as TRUCKs, was developed; this novel CAR-T was derived from normal ones which are additionally redirected with a CAR inducible expression cassette. Therefore, TRUCKs can constitutively produce and secrete transgenic therapeutic proteins like cytokine in locally restricted pattern upon the engagement of CARs and targets. Then, these therapeutic proteins deposit in the targeted lesion to exert its antitumor activity.15,16
Get some cashmere sweaters, second hand stores don’t even know what it is, 3 bucks for cashmere. and it is washable by hand. but the new fabrics for skiers are great too. A wool hat and some goose down comforters. I find that having a hat on at night and wool socks helps a lot. Goose down is vital wool blankets too. I put them into bags during the day so the dog stays off of them. He slept in the front seat. My cat had a pet box and went outside during the day. I parked at a place where she could go out and find me at night. (small fourplex with a large parking lot). My horse was bored and I had a tack room where I stored my things.It is easier to bored a horse in the city, then find an apartment.
I spoke with a nutritionist prior to starting this adventure. Lundberg whole grain microwavable rice, which can be cooked after purchasing it at the grocery. There are a number of ways to store food in the car. I have a soft sided cooler, and a grocery bag full of nuts, and other dried foods. I am going to start purchasing food from the local farms, which can be stored in a hardshell cooler. it only needs to be kept cool.
You speak of “any way humanly possible” to pay, but you also recognize there are limits. You talk of cancer or medical bills, but someone else might say that is not enough and you should pay regardless. Hey, it used to be people would indenture their children into servitude to pay for debts. Even today, criminals use debt in order to enslave people into forced labor or prostitution. Please see here:
Blunt abdominal trauma, which can result in liver damage, is one of the main types of injuries suffered in car crashes across the country. Each year, over 2 million emergency room visits are registered due to motor vehicle collisions, and some estimate that over $1 trillion in healthcare is spent on injuries resulting from crashes. The liver and spleen are the most commonly injured internal organs, and while the spleen can safely be removed if necessary, the liver must remain.
If you do find yourself suddenly living in your car, it is not the end of the world. Living in a car is a heck of a lot better than living on the streets. Your car provides you with security, transport, warmth, electricity and more. You can store your belongings in your car. You can sleep in your car. Your car protects you from weather to a degree. People have lived and even thrived when living in cars. This page is a basic tutorial on living in a car. Also see the VanDwellers FAQ

While you may not find anything for $100/week, there are other options worth pursuing. The best I can think of is looking for an elderly person who wants to stay in their home. Just having someone able-bodied around makes a huge difference. What is effortless for you is nearly impossible for them. It’s critical to find someone whom you like and who’s needs are relatively small, as I am talking about companionship, not nursing care. You could ask at a church, Senior Center, Meals On Wheels office or even your doctor. Living in your car has served you well, but this could be a logical next step. Perhaps you might even earn a small stipend to boot. Best of luck to you!

YOU GO GIRL! I keep a paint scraper in my curtains pouch to push those things right up under the plastic rim around the top of the windows. Keeps everything tidy and hanging close to the windows. If it’s cold – you can use Reflectix from a store like Lowes for less than $20. A sun shield works well in the front window. I use see through bins under my Coleman cot when camping in our van for my dry goods, cooking supplies, clothes & bedding. I keep a nice folding camp chair alongside of the cot. I carry starter kindling for campfires. I can charge my phone while driving during the day, or use the charger on my little biolite stove while I cook. Have you ever tried cooking in double wrapped tin foil on your engine while traveling to the next town? I think I learned that from a Youtube video. I haven’t actually tried it yet – but it sounds like it would work. State Parks are awesome – they always have something special to be discovered in them, and not very expensive – plus the bathrooms are usually very clean and heated in cool weather. If you are traveling with a cooler – it works well to keep a smaller cooler inside the larger one. I’ve traveled for several days without having to re-freeze the coolies like that. If you use ice – you can let it melt into fresh drinking water. I use a re-chargeable plastic hanging lantern that recharges itself on very little sunlight during the day (d.light LED Solar Rechargeable). Just a few tips I learned from being on the road and wanting to stay organized. Have fun! You’re living my someday dream.

In January 2015, the doctors tried putting me on the immunosuppressive drug in hopes of suppressing my immune system to prevent a relapse. Unfortunately, despite their good intentions, I suffered a rare side effect of acute pancreatitis (sudden inflammation of the pancreas) and was hospitalized for almost three weeks. The recovery was longer this time. My body had been through a lot, so I wasn’t so quick to bounce back this time.

need ideas on where to park and sleep at night. if anybody knows of any where within the Durango limits please let me know. I’m thinking about investing In a car cover so we can sleep without being disturbed or looking too suspicious. with a cover I think we could definitely sit in an apartment complex or somewhere similar. reading these posts has been extremely helpful not only do I can learn do’s and don’t’s but it kept me sane through my first night of in car living experience.

in all do respect for each owns self with well being, we are all our own person, with being said that much it’s also called honesty to the people that we come in contact with each and every day. Every one on this site has become or becomes homeless for 1 reason or another, passing judgement towards one person is the same as saying we’re are all identicle. I must apologize but we are all living in our cars/trucks and suv’s for the simple fact is that we can not afford to have the life style as the next person, some by choice while others have no choice. 1 things is for certain, we all have our reasons for doing what we are doing and why we do what we do, right??? I would rather hear n read the worse from the person on my right then hear n read lies from the left or vise versa right??? it’s not that I can not afford to have my place any more, I would rather live this way for what I remember when I was a kid and living on the streets, rules with no regulations, and absolute freedom of the concrete jungle where we all know it as Town/City/metro etc. their are two things that will destroy each and every dream, 1 is called money 2nd is time. which one is the reason u r where u are??? Honestly for me it’s both. Be safe I hope the best for everyone 😉

Thank you for responding. And also Getting-out-of-debt Girl. All your supporting information is huge. I have stumbled onto a generator [Goal Zero Solar Generator called the Yeti]. There is a 150, 400, and 1250 that are sold at Cabela’s. I have found a less expensive one at Gander Mountain. I am researching these generators. It needs to fit into my vehicle. I am still unsure about eating. I will eat alot of fruit, peanuts, peanut butter, cold cuts, and tuna fish. Canned beans. These items will stay fresh in my storage unit during the winter months. Not worried about warmer weather at this time. I tremendously appreciate all of your support and ideas.
A lightweight all-terrain tire is a good option for people doing stuff outdoors. You’ll get better grip on loose surfaces as well as vastly improved puncture resistance. We really dig the Maxxis Bravo 771 on lighter vehicles like Subarus, while the slightly heavier BF Goodrich K02 remains the best all-around option for trucks, vans, and SUVs and is great on snow.
If 110 square feet doesn’t sound like much space, that’s because it isn’t, and even that’s luxurious compared to most vehicles. Crystal Tan, a climber and photographer who lives out of her Subaru Forester on long trips between work and school, praises the simplicity associated with life on the road. Since there is limited space in her Forester, Tan is forced to travel with less stuff and brings only the things she really needs (which usually includes a trad rack and sleeping bag). This habit has even influenced her everyday life when she’s not traveling.
As far as showering goes, I have a gym membership. This works out for me because I also like going to the gym, and I would likely pay for this whether I lived in my car or not. My membership is $35 a month, which would be a lot if I was only going there to shower. If you have no interest in working out, try a $10 a month gym like Planet Fitness. I have a friend who lives out of her car in Durango, Colorado , and she keeps a punch pass for the YMCA. It’s $4 a punch (which is an entrance fee to use anything, essentially), which is a lot for just a shower, but she tries to pair it with a yoga class when she goes. Then it’s worth the $4.
My name is Adam. I'm an ordinary post-graduate who wasn't cut out for the traditional route of a degree-holding 24-year-old. So, following graduation, I moved continents to start a new path and I've hardly looked back. I've been sharing stories, cultural insights, and reflections from my travels around the world since I did my first solo-traveling back in 2015. My aim is to inspire people like me to make decisions that will change their lives, too! Welcome to Wanderway!

I get my carbs from bread and oatmeal, my fats from raw almonds, and my protein from fat free milk and whey protein. I sometimes eat out just to feel like a normal person, but the nutritional value is much worse than what I normally eat. I drink water, OJ(for vitamin C) and coffee (for internet access (I’m writing this post from a starbucks) and because I love it. I don’t take any multivitamin but am considering fish oil. Sometimes I get tired of bread and treat myself to some bagels. I get around 2.5k calories a day, sometimes less.
Why is it the aunt & uncle’s responsibility to fund their nephew’s lifestyle? If he had been truly doing his best to get his financial life in order, then I would say yes, they could help him out. It sounds like he wasn’t making wise financial choices at that point in time. And he was costing them money that they could be getting by renting the room to a non-family member. I don’t feel like they did anything wrong.
I found a sweet spot to park in a shopping center where they have a 24 hour fitness gym, starbucks with Wi-Fi, supermarkent and everything else I need on a daily basis. A couple of nights ago I noticed there was a new security guard taking his job a little too seriously. He was looking in to a car with flashlights because the car was parked far away from the rest. I got a little worried but thought he wouldn’t bother me. The next day I hear a knock on my window, I answered yes…and he says, you can’t sleep here anymore and walked away to his security car. I said okay and started my car to leave. I saw that he left me a violation ticket on my window. It was more of a warning ticket because it didn’t have an amount to pay. I went to a Walmart I heard has overnight parking for the RV’s that night, but there were no RV’s. The next day I called 311 which is the non emergency 911 and I told them my situation and how I wanted to know if there was a safe area where I can park and not be harrassed by the police that can give me a $500. ticket. They apologized and said they had no answer for me. They wished me luck.
Lots of people say they are CHRIST ian and are not. lots and lots and lots. good and evil people. It is not a fact that she is a CHRISTian. you certainly don’t know either. Do not be hateful of people living in that situation or on less because CHRIST and the APOSTLES lived on less and were hated. I don’t know what she is or what you are. you sure assume that you know me and her also.
In Santa Cruz, California, the obvious house-van is a common sight. They flank the ocean cliffs, rest discreetly on mountain roads, and join the metal and rubber tent city that has sprouted on the stretch of Highway One between Santa Cruz and the tiny town of Davenport. Off the beaten path from police officers, this particular pod of cars only popped up over the past five years, and it swells to over 50 on some nights, much to the frustration of coastal farmers who find trash in their fields.

Now, several years later I had a decent job and got a large sedan. But all of a sudden I’ve lost what was to be a good job with the economy and have re-applied for unemployment extension from a stint last year. I just will not be able to afford rent and my car payment, insurance, cell, etc. I moved into this studio apartment the beginning of the year and now I’m thinking about returning to the car option for a domicile for a while.

in alberta not all wallmarts have open parking lots, i was also doing some thinking is if their is a boarding house in any area, speak with the owners to see if you could rent their facilities at least their most if not all now adays have a phone,shower with washing machine and drier. most owners are polite with a small fee I’m sure they would accomdate you and the renters are normally 1 paycheck away from living on the street.

Privacy is an important consideration for all vehicle dwellers. Urban stealth campers need to be able to stay out of sight while they are sleeping. All vehicle dwellers also need enough privacy to be able to sleep and take care of personal hygiene. While privacy may seem unimportant for boondockers, there are many places (like the desert and prairie) where it may not be possible to park out of sight of other campers.
Our suggestion? Get a cargo rack. These are great to get a fair bit of your gear out of the car and onto the roof. Most, if not all, boast a secure lock so theft isn’t an issue, and all that newfound free space will not only prevent you from looking like a destitute hoarder but will open up the cabin for your sleeping arrangements. A win, win if you ask us. It’s always been the risk-takers, go-getters, and – for lack of a better word – weirdos who change the world and live lives worth living. Also, something as simple as a couple storage bins could go a long way as well to keep things organized and tidy when traveling/living out of your car. Again, if you have the time and money, a custom build-out is always the way to go, and there are plenty of aftermarket workshops that can do this for you based on any sort of van-life inspiration you may have come across.
One thing about porta potties and chemical toilets is the chemicals they use. Typically they use formaldehyde, which stinks. Some newer chemical mixes have less of a smell. I found though that chucking in ordinary dish washing detergent or laundry detergent in large quantities (about half a cup per tank) reduced the odour and prevented the effluent from fermenting.
Next you will need some privacy. This can be as simple as buying some cheap block out fabric and jamming it in the tops of your side windows then using sun shades for the front and back windows. You can even use towels on the side windows and front windows. Anything that will give you some privacy. I ended up getting some window curtains custom made for my car from a friend. It cost me $50 plus the material which I already had. But you don't have to fork out that much. Get some card board and cut out panels to fit your windows if you have to. Use sheets or blankets. Go to a hard ware store and get reflectix and cut that to size. It will provide good insulation as well as blocking out light.

CAR activation reduces liver lipids deposition and lipogenic gene expression in ob/ob mice. (A) Liver samples from ob/ob and ob/ob CAR−/− mice of 1-month TC or control treatment were assessed for oil red O staining. (B) Hepatic triglyceride and NFFA were measured for quantitative liver lipids. (n = 4, *P < 0.05) (C) Liver RNA was extracted and gene expression analyzed by quantitative RT-PCR. Gene names were shown on top of each figure. (n = 4, **P < 0.01, *P < 0.05).