Someone suggested using a pet blanket cause it only uses 6 watts. THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE for humans to get sufficient heat with 6 watts. Animals like to curl up tight and have fur and other things. I use a human (plastic cover) heat pad on my lower abdomen, becuase there are so many blood vessels there in cool weather it keeps me warm all around. If the blood stays warm, you will feel and be warm. With cool weather clothing – but not when it gets very cool. They are 50 – 100 watts. You need to find one without a timer. sells a “king size heat pad” that has no timer. You just cannot do with one small car or suv or truck battery. You need to get some larger deep cycle marine batteries. there is no getting around it.
U can get away with it to some exstent but u really need to find more than one place like loves to park because ur gonna attract attention to yourself if u stay in the same place so find other spots ur comphy with an move around from place to place every 2-3 days,,walmarts are good,,travelers are always staying there while passing thru so u can use that as an excuse unless u have been camped out for days when u get asked,,,ive done it,,,the main thing is b polite if ur approched by secutity guard,,most of them dont care but is thier job so leave an give it afew dats before u come back an most wont mind!,,good luck an god bless!
I too live in southern california, work and am a student. I rent a master bedroom in the suburbs. I am considering living out of my honda crv because it has fold-down rear seats and tinted windows. I could save $550/per month, not to mention gas. But, I am a girl and I guess that could be particularly more risky as far as safety. I have mentioned to my older sister and she said “no way!” and my ex-boyfriend initially said no way, but after hearing me out, didnt really seem to have any other good arguments left. :oP
4. Do not play music, talk or do anything loud in your vehicle. Get a cheap sleeping bag or nicer one if you have one already, climb in it in the farthest back space available in your vehicle, put a hat on if it’s cold, gloves, also, and take some melatonin to sleep. I rarely ever can sleep without it. Do not move around alot or rock the car, be still. Set your alarm, cell phone if you have one, or just be ready to wake early. In my mini-van, I’m concealed with the tinted glass more then you would be in a car, so I generally can sleep longer. If you’re in a car or other more visible vehicle, leave early. I would say 5:30, so no one notices you. You can always nap in your car later, when your not working. During daylight hours I think it’s fine to sleep parked in a McDonalds parking lot or other less conspicuous place and nod off a few hours. If someone wakes you, simply say that you’re working a 12 hour shift and trying to get an hour of sleep in between. Most people will leave you alone. People get more concerned at night, about burglary and theft.
A link between drug metabolism and diabetes was suggested by reports that PB treatment decreases plasma glucose and improves insulin sensitivity, not only in a diabetic rodent model (8), but also in human T2D patients (9). Moreover, treatments with CAR activators PB and TC repress the expression of the hepatic gluconeogenic enzymes phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK) and glucose-6-phosphatase (G6P) in mouse liver (10) and rat hepatocytes (11). Recently, this effect has been attributed to the inhibitory effect of CAR on insulin dependent activity of FOXO1 (12).

The little things like what to eat or where to park are easy problems to solve. I’ve only once been encountered by police and that’s because I was parked in a very obvious area. Stay out of big parking lots, or if you are going to park in them, don’t park far far away from any other cars, park with the crowd and it will draw less attention to you. If you are going to park on the street, park on the side of a house (at the street corner)where people can’t see you if they look out there front windows. I prepark somewhere before I go to where I got to the place I will sleep for the night just to get all of my bedding set and ready to go so that all i have to do is climb in the back.
also a thought for people thinking about moving to cali, esp. L A. i sold off everything i owned last summer to move out there and pursue my dream of living in cali and being an artist. have cooked for ten years in the restaraunt industry, painted commercialy and residentially for 5 years and been a wedding/ bar mitzfa/ private party dj for six years, had plenty of exp. just couldnt find a job, it is so oversaturated with homeless people ( i do not mean homeless in the since of wat we are talking about on this site, rather the crazies who talk to light poles and are seen ranting and raving on the side of the road) and such living off the state, i could not find a job. two weeks out i got pickpocketed and had to enroll in their residency return program so i could make it back home and resume my job to where i knew even if i was homeless i could have a good job and still enough time to take care of my personall BS. dont ever tell people about how “bad” off u are they willl never understand, just think that you are living less of a fullfilling life than they are.if we stick together and share our knowledge there is nothing we cant overcome peace be with you my fellow family.
so I had to get a metal automotive hose. they sell ones that are already heat reflective. designed just for that purpose of drawing in cool outside air and keeping it cool. or you can get a metal one and wrap heat reflective tape around it, they sell that tape at Autozone, but the best thing is to get the hose that is already heat reflective. ask if they can special order it. I tried the tape idea, and the glue did not work, so I then had to buy metal foil tape at Home Depot and put that around it.
Activation of the nuclear receptor and transcription factor CAR (Nr1i3) by its specific agonist ligand TCPOBOP (1, 4-bis[2-(3, 5-dichloropyridyloxy)]benzene) dysregulates hundreds of genes in mouse liver and is linked to male-biased hepatocarcinogenesis. To elucidate the genomic organization of CAR-induced gene responses, we investigated the distribution of TCPOBOP-responsive RefSeq coding and long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) genes across the megabase-scale topologically associating domains (TADs) that segment the genome, and which provide a structural framework that functionally constrains enhancer-promoter interactions. We show that a subset of TCPOBOP-responsive genes cluster within TADs, and that TCPOBOP-induced genes and TCPOBOP-repressed genes are often found in different TADs. Further, using DNase-seq and DNase hypersensitivity site (DHS) analysis, we identified several thousand genomic regions (ΔDHS) where short-term exposure to TCPOBOP induces localized changes (increases or decreases) in mouse liver chromatin accessibility, many of which cluster in TADs together with TCPOBOP-responsive genes. Sites of chromatin opening were highly enriched nearby genes induced by TCPOBOP and chromatin closing was highly enriched nearby genes repressed by TCPOBOP, consistent with TCPOBOP-responsive ΔDHS serving as enhancers and promoters that positively regulate CAR-responsive genes. Gene expression changes lagged behind chromatin opening or closing for a subset of TCPOBOP-responsive ΔDHS. ΔDHS that were specifically responsive to TCPOBOP in male liver were significantly enriched for genomic regions with a basal male bias in chromatin accessibility; however, the male-biased response of hepatocellular carcinoma-related genes to TCPOBOP was not associated with a correspondingly male-biased ΔDHS response. These studies elucidate the genome-wide organization of CAR-responsive genes and of the thousands of associated genomic sites where TCPOBOP exposure induces both rapid and persistent changes in chromatin accessibility.
Especially in cities with known high air pollution levels, some benzene is to be expected in outdoor air due to automobile exhaust and industrial emissions. Thanks to vapors emitted by products such as glues, paints and furniture wax, higher levels of benzene can sometimes be found in indoor air, especially in new buildings. As such, it is logical that the materials inside of a car could release benzene when subjected to heat and enclosure.
Yeah, of course I thought about those questions, but my answers were never good enough. My loved ones had their intentions in the right place, though; it’s true that the van dwelling lifestyle isn’t as easy as packing all your things in a vehicle and driving away. If you want to successfully prepare for living in your car, you need to understand the prep work involved and how your choices could impact your long-term comfort and safety.
Food: I think this was the hardest for me, as I’m a bit of a foodie, but canned soup and non-perishable dinners get old after a while, and I didn’t want to go to the store every day. I had a hard time getting full on anything that wasn’t canned, and meals had a lot of carbs and sodium. I probably could have done a better job of buying fresh fruits and vegetables and eating them quickly, but I didn’t plan well enough there.
If you drive an older car, consider dropping collision and comprehensive coverage (don't drop liability coverage). Collision coverage is required if you have a car loan, but for older cars that you own free and clear, weigh the car's book value (what the insurance company would pay you if the car was totaled) against your collision premiums. If your car is over five years old or is worth less than $1000, keeping collision and comprehensive coverage may not be worth what you're paying in insurance premiums. Potential Money Savings: $100-300/yr.
It is not illegal to live in your car in California. I know this for a fact, because our local police have told us so. There are limits to how long a car may be parked in one place, but that’s determined by local ordinance. There are also rules, ordinances and laws about parking on private or public property when you’re not conducting business there. Most parking lots prohibit parking overnight, but some don’t.
Always sequester food and dirty clothes away from the general airspace of your vehicle to minimize odors. Ventilation is important too: generally, you will need two windows open an inch to keep the air moving, even in cold weather. You’ll be amazed how much moisture your breath generates in a sealed vehicle: the fogged windows are conspicuous to passersby, and your air quality (including oxygen levels) will deteriorate.
I once spent 6 months travelling through Europe with a small station wagon and spent more time in hotels and their attendant expense because sleeping in a vehicle with windows is not that restful when you actually try to do it. For this reason I would choose a small cargo minivan such as a Ford Transit, or other van that does not have side windows. You can do a search on “micro camper conversions” to get an idea on how to set things up inside. Another thing to consider is very hot and very cold weather can be intolerable in a car when you are trying to get rested, a vehicle large enough to carry an extra 12V battery the can either power a small fan or a small heating pad to go under the blankets with you makes the difference between a restful night and waking up too tired to work effectively and looking like an indigent. Maybe not for the first week but believe me after a couple months you will probably decide it is not sustainable as a “mobile professional”.
Just to respond to a few concerns: I love eating, so I’m not anorexic. Because I’m a teacher, I have access to a microwave and fridge at work, so that helps keep me from eating all fast food and junk. At one school I had an electric skillet tucked away for cooking rice and garden omelets. One student told me, “It always smells so good when I come in here!” I kept fresh fruit in the room inside a cabinet.
Hey, my husband and I have a second home. We started out with an apartment. Worked overseas and saved money for a house. Continued to work overseas, saved money and found out that we needed a tax shelter. If we didn’t get the second house we would continue to pay crazy taxes. We let family and friends stay in our house and I don’t feel a bit bad or greedy. We work our butts off, pay high taxes, save for our future and don’t depend on the government for any a dime.

To study the role of CAR in T2D, we crossed the CAR−/− allele into the ob/ob background to generate double mutant mice (ob/ob, CAR−/−). Loss of CAR function in the ob/ob background had no effect on a number of parameters, including body weight, food intake, fat-to-body weight ratio, and serum levels of triglycerides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids (Fig. S1 A–F). The lack of effect on serum triglycerides contrasts with a recent report using ob/ob, CAR−/− mice generated using a distinct CAR−/− allele (13). In that study, the effect on serum triglycerides was attributed to an activation of PPARα, which we did not observe in our ob/ob, CAR−/− mice (Fig. S1 G and H). We conclude that our ablation of CAR in the ob/ob background does not affect the obese phenotype.

Henderson pays $685 a month including electricity – a bargain for Los Angeles, where studios average $1,500. She can save money and still have enough disposable income to eat out and travel, she says. But at least as important is the sense of liberation. “There’s an energy you get from purging,” Henderson says. “You don’t need six towels. You don’t need a ton of dishes. You pick the things out that you really want to keep in the ‘useful’ category.”

That is very similiar to the situation I am in. I got laid off because of the bad economy. I am recieving unemployment benefits but they are not enough to pay for both an apartment and a car – a car that I am still financing. I could not even consider giving up the car because that would have put a repo on my record and ruined my credit. A car will also help to make find a new job easier.

Suvs and trucks cost more to operate and own. The foamboard that you get for a few bucks in the school supplies section works very well.. it must be BLACK. It just pops in and out and when you’re driving just throw them on the package tray.. they don’t even take up space. Nobody realizes im in the car except the police who have noticed my pattern… I know people are unaware because I’ve gotten handle checkers and people coming up to the car to “Rescue” my dog, thinking he was in here by himself (he likes to sleep on the package tray, they see him in the rear window). To be safe parking just never park somewhere where you could be blocked in and not be able to get away, like the parking spaces on the edges of lots against the curb. Someone could just pull in front of you and then you can’t drive off and escape.

Cars are not insulated to make a comfortable human habitat when the engine is not running. When it is hot outside even in the shade, your car is an oven. When the temperature drops it is still freezing inside. It is more expensive than you think: you can not attempt to live in an undependable car unless you are a mechanic. So that means a car with a note.
Get one or two extra car batteries (or backup power batteries like this one) and store them in a plastic bin somewhere in your car, wire them up to a solar panel and mount that on the truck/van roof (they sell these at most auto parts shops for less than $100 ie. this is a high voltage example, just google solar battery charger at google shopping, there are many options including dash mounted “battery maintainers”). Note, it does not always have to be completely sunny for these panels to work.
Hi inspiring people. I’m from San Diego and houseless too. I’m a short & asian who lives in my honda civic coupe. I was forced to move out of my gf’s apt due to a bad break-up, but anyways, it’s been a month that I’ve been sleeping in my car. Our building at work is open 24 hours so I stay most of the time at our parking garage. Hope everyone is doing well and don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you feel like chatting or whatever. Take care.

Keep your car clean but not like new, that makes it to inviting to rob, try to keep everything in your trunk and covered on seats. Always have enough gas but never totally filled (in less taking a long drive), as people may want so0me or your car. Travel as light as possible, also sometimes you can wash clothes in a gym, be a good liar if caught and friendly, many students are helpful.
I'm thinking that this set-up will allow me to have an absurd amount of extra money compared to other incoming analysts. I figure, if I am barely going to spend any time in my apartment anyway, and will probably be too tired to pursue girls or hang out with friends very often in the limited time typical of analyst stints, I might as well save some money while I'm at it. And just because I don't have my own apartment certainly doesn't mean I wouldn't be able to go out for drinks after work. What do people think of this? How common is this?
Keep an eye out for community college athletic field houses—they don't always check IDs, and can be a good free shower option. Check their fee schedule—sometimes you can take a single class for a nominal price, thus becoming a legitimate member of the college community, with access to their gym, library, WiFi, employment office and other resources (in addition to learning something).

Amazon does sell electric blankets that plug directly into the cigarette lighter of your car, but your car battery does not have the power to run them for very long. Those blankets are designed for passenger use when the car is running. When the car is running, the battery is not being drained at all. all the electrical power is coming from the alternator.

Consider asking a local business if they would consider allowing you to park regularly overnight, pointing out that you would be there to “keep an eye on the place” and report suspicious activity. For example, try a mechanic’s shop which keeps customer vehicles parked outside. It only takes one “yes” to make asking worth your while. If you are a member of a local church or other community organization, ask there.

A jump starter battery box. You’re going to be careful about discharging your car battery but just in case, you need one of these. They’re not much more expensive than good jumper cables, and you won’t need someone else to give you a jump start. Note carefully: This does you no good at all if you don’t keep it charged, which can take several hours, so plan ahead.
Adoptive T cell therapy has the property of killing tumor cells that express specific antigens. The original application of this therapeutic strategy can be dated back to 1988, when Rosenberg utilized adoptive therapy with tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) to treat patients with metastatic melanoma.6 Inspired by Rosenberg’s success, subsequent studies demonstrated its clinical potential in various solid tumors, and its efficiency has been proven in some tissue including ovarian cancer (OC), renal cell carcinoma (RCC), colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, HCC, cholangiocarcinoma, and gastric cancer ( identifier NCT01174121). Although these achievements are encouraging, the majority of patients did not meet the condition of TIL therapy, since tumor reactive lymphocytes did not exist in all patients.7 To overcome this limitation, genetic introduction of T cell receptor (TCR) and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) into autologous T cells, termed gene-engineering of T cell, can provide an alternative and made T cell therapy more available for more patients and multiple types of cancer. Rapoport et al.8 achieved sustained antigen-specific antitumor effects in myeloma with NY-ESO-1-specific TCR-engineered T cell, and Morgan et al.9 demonstrated objective regression of patients with metastatic melanoma with TCR redirected ones. TCR-restricted T cell possess the capability of recognizing an antigen efficiently, but there are still disadvantages limiting its applications, for instance, the restriction to HLA manner and low affinities of TCRs.10 Fortunately, CAR-T therapy as an alternative can overcome these limitations.
This brings us to a key aspect of living out of a car – keeping clean. No matter where your travels may take you, unless you’re spending time deep in the backcountry, keeping clean is a key element in preventing yourself from appearing destitute rather than adventurous. Our suggestion? Invest in a personal showering device like a solar shower or something a little more robust you can attach to the roof rack of your van or SUV. Also, especially in and around campsites, you can find running water that can be great for a quick freshen-up. You can also find these at highways rest areas, and truck stops as well.
im pretty much fed up with life. school was such a drag, and i’ve just been ITCHING to be free. i’ve got a bunch of books i want to read. I’ve got a bit of savings to pay for food. a portable propane stove. figure i’ll wash clothes at a laundramat or in a bucket. it would be great to just find a hassle free place, to just live, read, meditate…find myself. shower could be a problem. i figured i could just find a local gym, and go there morning and night; but then I worry about finding a good place to sleep. i swear i’m alergic to cops knocking on my window in the middle of the night. i wonder if it’ll ever get too hot in my van all closed up. maybe i’ll have to get a battery powered fan, i’m not trying to mess with any complicated stuff to extract electricity out of my car battery that might drain it.
I worked for a week with a man who has a 5 bedroom house in Cardiff Bay, he decided to rent it out. He lives very happily in a converted van, I'm not talking a really nice thing either, an old van that basically has a double bed, small cooking area and sink and a rack of various cooking materials and spices. He has a gym membership where he showers daily and uses a launderette to do his laundry.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D) is primarily characterized by insulin resistance and leads to uncontrolled glucose and lipid metabolism (1, 2). In diabetic subjects, the major insulin-resistant organs are liver, muscle, and adipose tissue. Liver is the major organ for endogenous glucose production and lipogenesis, both of which are tightly controlled by various metabolic and nutritional factors (3). Diabetic liver is unresponsive to insulin suppression of glucose output, but continues to produce large amounts of lipids. Hepatic overproduction of glucose and fatty acids further impairs insulin signaling thereby establishing a vicious cycle (4, 5). Liver is also a principal organ of drug metabolism, which depends on a variety of phase I oxidizing enzymes, primarily cytochrome P450's (CYPs) with broad substrate specificities, as well as phase II conjugating enzymes and phase III transporters (6). CAR (constitutive androstane receptor) and PXR (pregame X receptor) constitute two essential members of the nuclear receptor family. They function as sensors of toxic derivatives from xenobiotic and endobiotic metabolism. In general, CAR appears to be more essential in response to endogenous stimuli, while PXR appears to act primarily in xenobiotic induction of drug metabolism. Highly expressed in the liver, CAR is activated by phenobarbital (PB) and a group of structurally diverse agents referred to as “phenobarbital like,” such as TCPOBOP (TC) (7).