I hiked a few off-the-beaten-path hikes around the Redwood National Park area. Then, I spent a few more nights sleeping under gigantically-massive trees. The entire time, I couldn’t, for the life of me, fathom the magnitude of these giants. Californians used to live inside the burned-out, hollowed-out Redwoods. I contemplated a night in one of them, but living in my car was just too comfortable. I think my tiny Nissan is one of the best cars to live in.

Three months later, I still keep almost everything I own in my truck, although I am staying in an off-the-grid homestead as a guest. “Packing” would be the work of a moment, although I do have some rearrangements to make to my SUV interior before I depart on another journey of exploration. Currently I’m just keeping expenses to a minimum, saving a few meager dollars from my easy but boring job and waiting on my tax return to flood me with money before hitting the road in early spring.
I’ve started living in my Toyota Prius for about 3 weeks now. I’m trying to pay off debts and possibly save to put a down payment on s house. So far I’ve had no problems. I work about 50 hours a week as a caregiver so I have access to a bathroom and can wash up there, I also have a gym membership. This was my choice so I can try to get ahead financially, so I try to remind myself every day that I can do this. “Your future is composed of nows”
While we observed a clear increase in hepatic β-oxidation, we did not find substantial effects of CAR activation on gene expression of key components of this pathway. However, our results are consistent with recent studies showing that PB treatment induces serum ketone bodies, indicating increased β-oxidation (30), and that CAR activation induces enzymes involved in fatty acid microsomal omega-oxidation and peroxisomal β-oxidation (28). Consistent with the decreased triglyceride accumulation in the TC-treated ob/ob livers, metabolomic profiling revealed markedly elevated levels of acylcarnitines and TCA cycle organic acids, suggesting increased β-oxidation. This was confirmed by observations that CAR activation results in elevated levels of serum ketone bodies and, more directly, increases palmitate oxidation in TC-treated hepatocytes.

I don't spend lavishly on clothes, hair appointments, or travel. I drive a 12-year-old Honda Civic. I got into debt by trying different business investments, including real estate and selling refurbished tablets. I also took out a student loan that I really didn't need but couldn't turn down the money I automatically qualified for. Those are the main sources of my debt.
Singapore allows deductions from your income to purchase a home. There is insurance on your home, so if you are ill, the house payments would still be paid,and you can repay once you are back at work. Murderers and drug dealers are hung on Friday morning. They fine you for tossing trash on the streets, and you pay to get a permit to drive a car in the thousands. Your car cannot be junk, for they have an excellent public transportation system. They avoided 9-11-01 in their country by paying attention and not worrying about stains on a blue dress. They have excellent healthcare, and you do not go broke paying for medical services. I wish I could live there,but they have very STRICT immigration laws, that you better obey!

Another less troubling reason someone would opt for this sort of lifestyle is to live a more nomadic life on the go. Here, sheer adventure is the prime motivational factor. And with so many remote and freelancing jobs available these days, you really only need a laptop, strong wifi connection, and a bit of due diligence to keep the cash flowing while on the road. Imagine, working out of a converted van or SUV wherever you please? Granted, you couldn’t stray too far off the grid here due to a reliance on the internet, but the freedom granted in a situation like this certainly has its perks.
Power Inverter: This is a device you can plug into your cigarette lighter and charge your laptop, cell phone, or any other electronic device as long it is a small enough wattage. It costs about $20 at many stores. Be careful what you charge. Some things will kill the battery if you charge it too long. Try to charge things while driving when possible because it doesn’t use the battery. The one I had had was 100 watts, which means anything you charge has to generally generate less electricity than that.
This one is pretty easy; it requires pretty much zero preparation on your part. Just be open to meeting new people and try to meet locals and fellow travelers everywhere you go. One of the coolest parts of our trip was when Eric and I camped next to Mark, a 60-something-year-old handyman who, not by circumstance, but by choice, lived in a trailer in the woods outside of Lake Tahoe. He was an absolute goofball, and our time camping there was way more memorable because of him than it would have been otherwise. Don’t always opt for the coffee shop that Yelp or TripAdvisor told you to check out – ask a local, or try out the first hole-in-the-wall place you find. More often than not, that’s where you’ll meet people and discover great stories, and the thing you’ll remember most when it’s all said and done is the people you met along the way.
I wouldn’t advise attempting to use Apartment Complex parking … these belong to the people who live in the apartments ,& these people most likely pay for them . Parking is hellish in LA so be aware you are going to generate considerable animosity if you do this . We have started to see more & more vehicle dwellers parking in our area ( Los Feliz) & i am personally ok with it as long as they respect other people & don’t dump their trash & blast music from their vehicles …sadly many do . If this persists i for one will be glad to call the police & have them removed . RESPECT is the key word here !

if you have a full size SUV, you have more freedom, you can park any where literally, Campervans are nice but you are limited to where and when you stay so to speak. Full size SUV basically camo’s your life style. if you can not afford a full size suv a smaller suv is just as good. If you choose a car, look for a station wagon, if its a sedan look for an older version like a crown victoria. if possible stay away from coupes they are very small. If you can stretch out and stay warm you will be happy for the long haul. stay safe/keep positive.

P.s don’t leave your flat first, try it out and see what you think. You may hate it. I’m slightly concerned about ya, but hope you have a good head on your shoulders. I started traveling and vehicle sleeping when I was 18 or 19 and had a very strong crew around me to teach me to make it easier. It sound attractive but not something to enter lightly if you have to leave a cheap flat, ie social housing as you may have to wait years before ever getting another one again or if you plan on leaving a loved one. You done the right thing by researching, do more research and learning as it is so helpful. I am still learning things every day about alternative living. Good luck mate and you can email me if you want to on 73foster@ live.com. All best! Rex.
you can get an optima deep cycle battery, $200-$250. and this will give you all kinds of electrical power. like for your electric blanket all night long. connect it to the car with cables so that when the car is running, it is charging the optima battery. an optima yellow deep cycle battery or blue deep cycle battery will give you lots of electrical power. you can drain it to almost nothing lots of times and not ruin the battery. it does not put out fumes. only get an optima battery, others put out toxic fumes. they are more for boating or open air applications.

Problem 2: Cold. Cold, on the other hand, you can take steps to combat, which is critical in cold climates during the winter. Understand this: you will not be running the engine to keep warm (because it’s expensive and will attract unwanted attention), and you will not be relying on an electric heater (because they use far too much power). Instead you’ll rely on insulation:
actually it is possible, they are designed only to be turned on when their is pressure applied kind of like a switch you turn on and off. i’ve researched on them bc they are the only thing reasonable when you have an open space, i do not remember what name they’re under but check amazon.com you will find em their, as well if you are looking for old batteries be careful unless you can put them in the back of your truck due to charging chemicals. I also remember that you can usually find them at auto wreckers for rather cheap and also at the auto wreckers you can also find all sorts of wires that you will find lot cheaper than the usual store, for the reason as they just want the stuff sold, another place you can find great deals is 2nd hand stores such as salvation army and Value Village. I spoke with my gf and she does not agree with me moving into my SUV, but since she is not living with me i kinda feel like i have to since it’s just me, why spend round a grand on living in someone else home when i really dont mind living in my truck??? i just remember when i was 13 and lived on the streets the “freedome feeling” that anything was possible. so till March 1st getting my Expedition camping ready with 200 amp alternator,200 amp battery isolator with 4 1000cca agm batteries. with a 12k debt sitting on interest of 39.9% i’m finding it hard to breath. if i come across anything that may be useful for this site, i’ll keep posting maybe it’ll be able to help someone and yes everything that i have been posting is true, i will be using the same stuff in my truck that i will be posting on here. take care and be safe……..

Since southern Utah is my actual home, I have more belongings than I would if I was just road tripping for a few months. I have outdoor gear for both summer and winter conditions, regular clothes for summer and winter, and all of my backpacking gear. This is too much stuff to comfortably keep in my car, so I also have a storage unit for $30 a month. Sometimes I need to order stuff online or my family wants to mail me things. For these occasions I have a PO Box, which costs $30 for six months. Not a bad deal!

We choose not to sleep inside our vehicle to maximize how much we are able to bring with us. Instead of building a big sleeping platform, we outfitted our car with shelving and dividers. We’ve each claimed different sides of the rear passenger seats for our personal gear and reserved the far back for shared items like dishes, food, and our sleep system. We keep everything in some sort of container rather than having a bunch of loose items floating around. For clothing and personal items we love the modular haulers made by MountainSmith.
In any case, since you’re doing this already– a van would allow you a much better setup. You can put a futon in the back and sleep much better that way. Good sleep is essential for good health (physical and mental). But there’s an increased cost of gas and probably repairs with a van… so you could just stop playing Russian roulette over credit cards and get yourself a room. GET A ROOM.
Finally, make sure that while your basic life needs are being met, you’re also staying safe both on the road and off of it. Keep your vehicle in good repair. Park in safe places where you’re not alone. Organize your car so that it isn’t obviously you live on the road, otherwise thieves are more likely to break in when you’re away. Make sure that someone knows where you are and how to get in contact with you, and that you have the means to contact someone if you need help.
I just let them do the talking and answer their questions. I usually am very ready to tell them what I am doing there, but I keep the subject away from myself as much as possible. For example, if I am parked somewhere and a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) approaches (why don’t you just say cop?) I will say I am parked there to let the cats out for a while, or to feed the cats, or because my cat did not return. And then I might say, “then I am going to the Wal Mart store” or whatever is nearby that I do business with. “Then I am going to the library.” “then I am going to MacDonald’s to use the internet.” I think that they would really NOT like to hear, “I am just resting here, just relaxing in this nice quiet secluded place, just eating and studying; I am just sitting here.” But I really take my time when I am parked somewhere; even though it is for my cats, it is also for myself.
Shopping centers. Lots of people may have read about Walmart in the USA offering free parking in their parking lots for overnighters. We don't have Walmart in Australia. Shopping centers tend to be noisy They have trucks loading food and goods in the morning. They have shoppers at all times of the day. They attract kids and teenagers. They usually have security who will ask you what you are doing. Trust me, I've been there, done that. Shopping centers / malls are not an ideal choice.
I had dark tint on my windows some of the time I slept in my car. If you don’t, you can put dark towels up in front of all windows. You have to be conspicuous though and make sure no one is around when you put them up. Just go to your spot, park, shut the car off and set the towels up. That is what I did. Make sure you choose the same place for sleeping every night. It makes things a lot easier. Don’t tell anyone where you sleep.
Travel stops are hotbeds of shady activity. I would NOT stay at one if I had a choice. I’m currently living in my vehicle and I have found that churches are fantastic places to park. Leave out the part about whether YOU are religous or not and ask to speak to the pastor of the church. Explain your situation and that you are living in your vehicle. They are very sympathetic to such circumstances. Explain that you will not be leaving trash anywhere or wandering around the parking lot in your pajamas during times when services are being conducted. Finally, tell the pastor that you don’t have a great deal of money to spare, but make an offer to contribute $20 or so to the church’s general funds (in most instances they won’t take your money). Granted, all you have is a parking lot and no showers or amenities, but in most cases they’ll tell you you can park there. Do this at several out of the way churches and those off the beaten path. Find ones that have parking lots that wrap around the building and you can park BEHIND the building so your vehicle can’t be seen from the main street. Nobody ever really cruises through church parking lots looking to cause trouble and, if you can’t easily be seen as a target from a main road, nobody will suspect you’re there. SAFETY IS GOLDEN!
You will need to disconnect the batteries from the car when you are using your marine deep cycle batteries. Because when they are still connected to the car, and the car is off and you are running devices from those batteries, it is still connected to the car battery – you are draining your car battery and could loose it. So you need to get under the hood when your car is off and you intend on using the marine batteries. You need to get under the hood to disconnect that cable. I have a clamp on the end of the RED, the positive, cable, So I just unclamp it from the car, I go under the hood and unclamp it.

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Unless your car is knocking and pinging, don't use a higher octane gas than your owner's manual recommends. For most cars, premium gasoline offers no benefit. Unless your car has a high-performance engine and your manufacturer recommends a high-octane gas, use the less expensive gas. Premium gas costs 10% to 15% higher than regular. Potential Money Savings: $200-400/yr.
In the year and a half I was living in my truck, I had a few encounters with police. With the exception of a single time, they came by to check on me and make sure I was okay. The single exception was when I happened to be parked next to an abandoned camper. The first officer was polite and asked me if it was mine. I told him it wasn’t. He told me to move, and I began to get my things together to do so. Another officer showed up and asked me the same thing but was antagonistic and abrupt. I didn’t argue or have an attitude, I just moved as he asked.
Being able to travel and hike is my main priority in life. Since moving into my car in January, I’ve gotten to explore about ten different states and make two international trips. It would have been financially difficult to make all of these trips happen if I had to pay rent and utilities. This is a big way to readjust my present priorities in order to achieve my long term goals.
I have got this down to a science now. I got a storage unit to put my stuff in. I put my laptop on the floor of the passenger seat. I have a small sedan. At bedtime I put two fluffy pillows ontop of the laptop case. I recline the seat back and sleep in it upsidedown! My legs are a bit elevated but I used to sleep this way anyway to rest my sore legs. I do go to sleep early like around 8pm because I work at 7AM. I find the darkness to be my friend. At 8pm I can move my bedding from the trunk to the back seat I have tinted windows so know one can see whats in there. Also I can get my clothes together for the next day work uniform and clothes for after work. these I also keep in three small boxes in the trunk. One for clean undies, sock and bras. the second is for work clothes and the third is for regular clothes. My trunk is pretty full. I wake at around 4AM to got to the gym and workout then shower and off to work.

j. Whenever possible, secure reasonable supplies of paper-goods. Newspaper is a good insulator (e.g., nest to the drafty door panel at night or under your sleeping bag if you are using a hammock) and super fire tinder. Cardboard box pieces can be cut into strips and coiled up into a can for a good sterno-substitution (esp if you pour melted candle wax over the coil). Even used cups can be turned into fire starters, and tissues, paper towels/ TP are multipurpose.

John, you might be better off dating from an ECO or Environmental website or groups like that. You’re more likely to find women (or men) who don’t really care that you’re not a consumer. You’re dating the wrong type of women. Also, as long as you don’t chince on the date – no woman likes that no matter what they say, all women wanna feel special, then you should be good. But if you’re trying to date and take them no where and just wanna do the thing, then yes you will get turned down a lot.
Yeah, of course I thought about those questions, but my answers were never good enough. My loved ones had their intentions in the right place, though; it’s true that the van dwelling lifestyle isn’t as easy as packing all your things in a vehicle and driving away. If you want to successfully prepare for living in your car, you need to understand the prep work involved and how your choices could impact your long-term comfort and safety.
Anyway, for me personally, hell no. I'm fine living in a small house, but a car (even an RV) is too small for me. I'd rather camp out, and use the car for storage space if I was forced to it. Even that, I could only put up with for so long. You've also got to factor in the cost of food once you no longer have a way to store cold food or prepare it.
I agree with Eric. But it’s not only women you have to worry about. It’s men too. People have an image of someone that doesn’t have a home as a dirty, tangled hair alcoholic drug addict panhandling in the street. I am far from that stereotype. I’m an attractive girl fit girl. I work out 6 days a week. I eat healthy, dress nice and have a new car. I am going to start living out of my car as of February 2009 so I can pay off the wealthy bankers that just got a bail out for my $30,000.00 debt plus all the extra finance charges and late fees that I have accumulated in one year for lack of payment. Times have changed and I am not making what I use to make so the only alternative I have is to live out of my car so that I can pay them off and be debt free.

I am in the inland empire area, do you have any tips or good parking spots for my car-living-adventure. I do work but need to get ahead and save some money. I need to know the laws as well. Please tell me they can’t take your car if you’re fully legal. As for giving you a ticket…REALLY, in todays times? What crappy cop would give a ticket to someone sleeping in their car, who is fully legal and without warrants???

You can use stick-on Velcro to secure a dark cloth to each window. Most tape doesn’t work well on the fabrics they put inside of vehicles, so try it first before you store it in the car. Some vans have curtain rods installed on the windows, and you can certainly install your own on the side and back windows. AnnaOutdoors says she ended up screwing in picture frame hooks to hang curtains on. Or, you can buy car shades.
In the 1880s a severe liver injury would in most cases prove fatal in the first 24 hours after sustaining the injury.[15] Before the 1980s nonoperative management was seldom used in favor of the methods of management suggested by James Hogarth Pringle.[16][17] During World War II the use of early laparotomy was popularized and in conjunction with the use of transfusions, advanced anesthetics, and other new surgical techniques led to decreased mortality.[18]