It’s also wise to have a rainy day fund just in case things like that happen. Even if your burn rate is only $300 a month, stuff like the above doesn’t care about your burn rate. You don’t want to be like me and have to go scalp 200 soccer tickets that weekend to have enough cash to stay alive. (While in retrospect it was pretty fun, I do not recommend being at a point financially where you have to either make $600 in one weekend or go home. Luckily I made it.)
So, giving up things we take for granted is going to be a part of this obviously. This is just an option for OP to consider. A cooler is very versatile in these conditions, acting as both a table or a chair (the tough ones at least) providing climate control for stuff like peanut butter, jerky or nuts that go rancid faster in car heat, even without ice in the cooler. Put cool bottles of water in there for the end of the day, etc... Dry ice is fairly cheap and no water mess to clean up or spill!

After getting kicked out of my house for personal reasons, I’m on my own now. My car, a ’03 Buick LeSabre, along with some clothing, toiletries, and other stuff that I deem necessary, are all I have. Thankfully, I’m employed. I’m still in the freak-out-oh-nowhatamIgonnado stage, but after reading different things online, I’m not as scared about it as I was before.

Adoptive T cell therapy has the property of killing tumor cells that express specific antigens. The original application of this therapeutic strategy can be dated back to 1988, when Rosenberg utilized adoptive therapy with tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) to treat patients with metastatic melanoma.6 Inspired by Rosenberg’s success, subsequent studies demonstrated its clinical potential in various solid tumors, and its efficiency has been proven in some tissue including ovarian cancer (OC), renal cell carcinoma (RCC), colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, HCC, cholangiocarcinoma, and gastric cancer ( identifier NCT01174121). Although these achievements are encouraging, the majority of patients did not meet the condition of TIL therapy, since tumor reactive lymphocytes did not exist in all patients.7 To overcome this limitation, genetic introduction of T cell receptor (TCR) and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) into autologous T cells, termed gene-engineering of T cell, can provide an alternative and made T cell therapy more available for more patients and multiple types of cancer. Rapoport et al.8 achieved sustained antigen-specific antitumor effects in myeloma with NY-ESO-1-specific TCR-engineered T cell, and Morgan et al.9 demonstrated objective regression of patients with metastatic melanoma with TCR redirected ones. TCR-restricted T cell possess the capability of recognizing an antigen efficiently, but there are still disadvantages limiting its applications, for instance, the restriction to HLA manner and low affinities of TCRs.10 Fortunately, CAR-T therapy as an alternative can overcome these limitations.

It goes without saying that doors should be locked at all times while you are within the vehicle. If all view into the car is blocked, you may choose to leave your keys in the ignition while you sleep, so you can easily drive away if any uncomfortable situation arises. Alternatively, keep your keys — and your cell phone — where you can put your hand on them in a moment, in the dark. Never leave your car idling without windows open: fumes can build up inside to dangerous levels. Warm sleeping gear and wool caps must take the place of the car heater at night: save your gas for necessary transportation only, and try to find other options for warmth and electricity.
As a rising sophomore, who'll be entering the workforce in a few years,, I have pondered about my housing for the next couple years. After watching a documentary on minimalism, I came to a sudden realization: everything I could possibly want or need could be stored in my car. And even better, I would save so much money. My buddy who lives in the city is willing to let me park a car in his parents' garage for free. The only obstacle I could think of is showering, but I figure I can just get a gym membership at a local gym right nearby where my car would be parked, and shower there.
Results: We found that the CAR.hYP7 cells targeting the C-terminus of GPC3 showed the highest cytolytic activity against GPC3-positive HCC cells. In two HCC intraperitoneal xenograft models (Hep3B and HepG2), luciferase-expressing HCC cells preferentially grew on the mouse liver. More importantly, we found that a single intraperitoneal treatment with a high dose of CAR.hYP7 cells (40 million per mouse) exhibited sustainable antitumor efficacy in the Hep3B model and all of the mice survived after 9 weeks post CAR T-cell treatment without recurrence. The serum levels of alpha fetoprotein (AFP) in mice treated with a high dose of CAR.hYP7 cells were less than 50 ng/ml, the threshold value for HCC diagnosis. Additionally, a single intraperitoneal treatment with a low dose of CAR.hYP7 cells (10 million per mouse) caused regression of liver tumor xenografts. In the low dose CAR.hYP7 group, Hep3B tumors in the mice grew locally and restricted to the fat tissues far from the mouse liver, indicating that CAR T cells prevented tumors from seeding and growing in the liver. Although CAR.HN3 cells targeting the N- terminus of GPC3 also exhibited high cytotoxicity to HCC cells in vitro, no significant Hep3B tumor growth inhibition was seen in the mice treated with CAR.HN3 cells.

Needless to say, places with “free wifi” do me no good, and sleeping near a cell tower does not work too well. BTW, I go home during the day and spend as much time I can there before feeling too bad to stay. Then, I drive to a park or lot and bring things to do. The utilities have refused to replace their smart meters with the old, safe ones even if you have a letter from your doctor, or a legislator tries to intercede. As I said, they are creating much suffering and a whole new group of homeless people with nowhere to turn.
I’ve been stuck in sticky, humid, big-ridden Louisiana for years and am sick of it. I’m 22 and am planning on driving out to Flagstaff, AZ and living out of my car until I can get a job set up and find a little apartment. Let me say that I read every comment here after I thought of Googling “living in your car” and the sea of information presented will be incredibly helpful. I never would have thought that there were people whom actually preferred it to a conventional house.
Bathing and changing clothes can also be a challenge in a vehicle. Showers at truck stops or fitness centers can help with bathing needs, but may be prohibitively expensive or not always accessible. Privacy tint and curtains make it easier to take care of these things inside a vehicle, but it is still worth experimenting in advance to be sure you have a system that will work in your vehicle.
Along with mapping out your route, you will want to do some research ahead of time to figure out where you will be spending your nights. Mark any and all good campgrounds along the way. Be sure to take note of any campground fees, and check the availability of each site as well. Otherwise, you might find yourself exhausted and without options at one o’clock in the morning, forced to spend the night at a semi-truck pull-off on the side of the highway in your Prius, surrounded by truckers and passing semis. Been there, done that. Don’t need to do that again.
We’re talking about properly living in your car, not sleeping rough for a couple of nights because the wife’s kicked you out. Our vision is one that involves selling your fixed abode; using the cash to buy a Lamborghini Aventador, swapping your pillow for an airbag and sleeping with a handbrake poking you in the ribs for the rest of the foreseeable future.
Nomadic ways of living have been with humanity for ever in every place. There is a holy people remembered and honored forever in the Old Testament that were nomadic, (other than Moses leading Israel in the desert). Nomadic living is not just for the destitute, the alone (I am alone like yourself), or the mentally disordered. And there is an oppression and distortion about nomadic living in this country like no where else. People act like they have eradicated nomadic living from the modern glorious u.s.a. and there is no reason for it.
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This post was inspired by my first experience with a police officer. I was parked in the Mockingbird DART station parking lot( I really like this spot for some reason). After having parked there for over 4 months I got a knock on my door. They told me to get out and hand them my license. They checked my record and asked me to move on. They asked me has anyone ever told you you can’t park here? I said no.

I hate to say this and I do love cats but you really need to find them a home even though you won’t have a home yourself. My cat went to my sisters house and I simply visited her and paid for all the food and litter and vet visits but unless you own a motor home of reasonable size its just not a good idea to have a pet. Especially 2 cats. Its going to be hard enough taking care of yourself on the road. My sister offered me a room for $500 a month but I prefer to live free(away from all her kids) I do love them all but they would eventually drive me nuts. I wouldn’t want to live there for free even. =^_^= Cats are creatures of the night. They require a litter box if they are locked inside and I really don’t think anyone wants to sleep next to 2 cats stinking up your car/truck while you sleep.
I thought your message was well received! I too found myself in a rut and moved into my car. I’ve since watched countless videos on YouTube and read various articles. I feel that it’s almost necessary to embark on something rootless and without dulling routine. I want people to be shocked that I live in my Element; because I still have swag and take pride in my appearance.
I’m 40 years old so I feel compelled to act now to save money to preserve my older age. I’m fit, strong and healthy right now, so by taking this step whilst I’m physically able to do so, I can sort myself out for the future. Based on savings of £800 per month I can clear my debts in about 6 months. Each year I can save nearly £10,000. If I can live in my car for 5 years I can save £50,000… Do it for 10 years I can save £100,000!! All of this just through not paying rent and bills.
Living in a car has to be considered a short term solution. There is a lot of false economy about living in a car. You don't want to fork out for something like gym membership just to have showers, that money could be better spent on food or saving for a rental deposit. You don't want to be forking out for ice for a cooler every week. You also may not want to be forking out for wireless Internet when you can use the Internet at libraries for free. You don't want to get into traps that increase your cost of living but deliver no returned increase in quality of life or increased income. Having said that, you must wash, if you don't wash enough you are going to get smelly and people will not want to associate with you. You will become a classic stereotypical homeless person who people will treat like a pariah, they won't want anything to do with you. Similarly, access to the Internet is nice, so paying for Wifi can have benefits, especially if you are living on the road long term.
Another promising method is based on combinatorial antigen recognition with balanced signaling in which nonspecific antigens A and B can both express on tumor cells while normal ones only express one of them.49 The gene-modified T cells can express both a first-generation CAR with CD3ζ as antigen A recognition element and a third-generation CAR with chimeric costimulatory receptors (CCRs) like CD28/CD137 as antigen B recognition element. When the T cells meet the normal cells that express only antigens A or B, the former cells can only provide a low-affinitive activating signals from CD3ζ without costimulatory signals from CCR while the latter cells just provide costimulatory signals without T cells activating signals from CD3ζ, which in any case provide insufficient T cells activating signals and thus protect normal cells. However, if recognize tumor cells that express both antigen A and B, the activating signals from A and the costimulatory signals from B can work together to active T cells and therefore release granzyme and perforin to kill the tumor cells. The key point of this method is the diversity of affinity in which CD3ζ holds a lower affinity with its target antigen while CCR holds a high affinity, only when the CD3ζ and CCR are binding together with their target antigens can the T cells be activated.
At this very moment, I’m deciding what vehicle to buy. My ongoing budget will be extremely limited. I will be doing a mix of urban and boondock camping, which can be shaped by my experience but will always involve both modes. Right now, I have enough money for a minivan, but a car (small station wagon, for example) is cheaper to buy and uses less fuel, smaller tires, less oil per oil change, etc. The cost of insurance may favor the minivan. I own enough camping gear to meet most of the other needs.

otherwise, buy a small 1000 watt generator (they run on gas like a car motor) and a good chain with padlock. you have to put it out the car to run it, it is illegal and dangerous to run it in the trunk of a vehicle or any where else. But it is not any louder than a car, if you get a small one – so people should not mind if you are discrete. chain it to something other than the car, in case you need to leave in a hurry, you can always go back and get the generator, so get a real good chain and padlock.

you can always put the battery right outside the car when parked, being that when the car is running, you use the car’s electricity. get some bulk chain at home depot (whatever size and length you want) – and a padlock – and chain it to something, not the car, if you are concerned about theft. you might need to drive away in a hurry, so do not chain it to the vehicle.

A concerned female called the popular NPR radio show, CAR TALK: She said that she had just discovered that her college boyfriend sleeps in a van…she wanted to know…what was ‘wrong’ with him and whether she should tell her mother. When this young man told her that he sleeps in his van, he must have thought that she would keep it to her self, instead she got on the radio and told the whole world.
I feel more motivated to get things done. I wake up in the morning and make some coffee on the hood of my car. I feel ready to start my day and get out into the world. I found that when I used to have an apartment, it would often take me hours to feel motivated to leave and seize the day. It’s much easier to make things happen when I’m already sitting in the driver’s seat (literally and metaphorically).
What an awesome blog. I am so glad that I came across it. I have been living in a friends apartment garage for free. But now her son and his girlfriend want to move up there so now I need to leave. I went through a bad custody battle and lost to an abusive ex. It is all about who has the most money. And it wasn’t me. So now I am in debt with to attorney fees (2 attorneys), and medical expenses. Even if you have insurance you have to sell your lung to pay for things. So now I have been trying to decide what do I do now. So I decided to live in my car. Right now I am packing. I am excited about the experience. I got a gym membership so I can shower, and I found a Loves truck stop where hopefully I can get a goods night rest. I dont have a PO Box yet because there is a waiting list. I didn’t realize there was such a high demand for PO boxes. I am trying to find a 24 hour storage close to my work so it won’t be out of the way when I need to go there. Same thing with my PO box. I live in Texas and I don’t have any family. Plus I was in foster care growing up. The closest thing I have to family is my co-workers. They are amazing! But I don’t want anybody to know.
If you are in a situation where you have some warning that your financial situation is going to lead to you having to live in a car, or that your house is no longer going to be your home, then plan ahead. If you are struggling to make loan repayments despite a reasonable income and talking to the bank has failed, then perhaps it is better spending those last repayments on buying a van instead of paying off a hopeless loan? Even if you are laid off, is there anything you can sell that will get you enough money to buy a van or camper? If you are in a rocky relationship and about to face a divorce, can you buy a campervan / RV before it all goes sour?
Perhaps the biggest hindrance in a successful long-term life on the road is organization. When you’re constantly searching for your left hand glove, third fork, or cell phone charger you start to become pretty frustrated with a lifestyle that’s always changing, it’s important to keep a few things constant to stay grounded. Before your road trip consider how you’ll want to organize your vehicle.
Public toilet facilities may not be available at all times – particularly for boondockers. Most vehicle dwellers end up using some sort of jug or wide-mouthed container for urine, while a bucket (two-gallon to five-gallon) with a plastic bag liner is commonly used for excrement. Cat litter or cedar shavings can be sprinkled in the bag to control odor until the bag can be disposed of in a waste receptacle. This may not be glamorous, but it does work for those times when you cannot access public facilities.
I heard in the news today that Mattel has come up with a new addition to the American Doll collection. Her name is Gwen Thompson and she and her mother are homeless and sleeping in a car. She has her story, dad ran off when he lost his job and her mom lost her job too so this poor little girl has no home just a car. She sellls for $95.00 Isn’t that something? It’s the “Sign of the times”
I was doing this so I could save money and get ahead in life. You have to sacrifice in life if you want to get ahead in life. That’s what I have learned. Especially in this economy today, you never know when hardship may hit and having these survival skills in your pocket may just save your life one day when you experience hardship. I did have a job and no one would have ever guessed I slept in my car and that is how it should be. More attention is worse when living in one’s car.
1. If you are homeless, living in a vehicle (which by all means can be a cleaner and safer place then some of the homeless shelters out there, believe me one that I tried to stay at had body lice/bedbugs crawling everywhere. I took off like a chicken with it’s head cut off running from that place, gasoline is expensive. Limit your driving to school, work, or job hunting. Truck stops are on the outside of town usually and are likely a bit of a drive. Many organizations in the Minneapolis area provide free showers for the homeless staying in a shelter, the Salvation Army is included. However, if you elect not to stay at the shelter, you are on your own in showering here in MPLS most of the time. I have a LA Fitness membership for $29.99 per month and it pays to have a shower every day, especially considering it allowed me to interview and not be so smelly I didn’t get the job. I have two jobs now, which equate to full time, but it will take time to save enough money for deposit and first month rent.

You’re prob a republican who doesn’t “believe” in this, but your situation is exactly what we liberals try to fight to help people for. Republicans would just say “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” where we would provide a safety net for people in your situation just like every other civilized country does. If you’re a republican, I don’t feel sorry for you because you’ve voted against your own best interests. Our society should step in and help people like you. Ironically the same a holes who would leave u in the streets, are so called “Christians”. Jesus would help you if he was alive today and the same a holes would probably stone bith if you and leave you by the side of the road to die, if they could. That’s how heartless republicans are and they call themselves Christians.
It’s also wise to have a rainy day fund just in case things like that happen. Even if your burn rate is only $300 a month, stuff like the above doesn’t care about your burn rate. You don’t want to be like me and have to go scalp 200 soccer tickets that weekend to have enough cash to stay alive. (While in retrospect it was pretty fun, I do not recommend being at a point financially where you have to either make $600 in one weekend or go home. Luckily I made it.)
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Research shows that the 18-to-35 cohort continues to rent at higher rates than previous generations: 74 percent lived in a rental property in 2016, compared to 62 percent of Gen Xers in 2000, according to the Pew Research Center. And while the Millennial desire to not buy homes tends to be overstated – studies suggest many want to own, but often can’t afford to – they do prioritize experiences over stuff.

as far as banks go i have been thouroughly screwed by every bank i have ever been involved in whether they would hold payments until they knew i would overdraft or they simply took out money for no reason they wont reimburse you there is no such thing as a bank error in your favor they only want to hold you to the rat race it sux but no banks are not the way for me. and im sure most on this site will agree
Still, the movement to live smaller may not be as extensive as social media makes it seem, some housing analysts say. Zoning regulations – especially in dense urban areas – often restrict the number and size of buildable units, slowing growth among micro-apartments and tiny homes. Constructing or living in a tiny home or micro-unit can still pose a legal risk in some cities.
I picked up a surplus army sleeping system for about a hundred from amazon that is supposed to be good sub zero. Its three parts, gortex shell, lightweight down bag, and a heavy winter down bag. . . see if you can find an extra large one its a litle snug. also I keep reading about a little buddy heater but its gas so ventilation would be a must. Good luck.
Overwhelmed by the multiple tests and rapidly declining health, my local hospital organized a quick transfer to SickKids. My family and I were very relieved. My mother insisted on bunking with me in my room every night, and my dad and sister stayed with me until every evening. My parents were incredibly worried and I felt like everything was out of control; it was a very scary time for us all!

Liver cancer is one of the most common malignancies worldwide, and it accounts for the third leading causes of cancer-related mortality. Currently, the hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) mortality has been decreased with the advanced progression of surgical resection and adjuvant chemotherapy. However, the overall prognosis of liver cancer is poor with 5-year overall survival rate less than 12%. Moreover, for the majority of patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage, potentially curative therapies including chemotherapy, chemoembolization, ablation, external beam radiotherapy, and proton beam therapy are frequently ineffective. Even sorafenib as the first clinically approved target drug therapy could only extend overall survival by 2–3 months.1 Hence, new treatment strategies to prolong survival and to minimize the risk of adverse response are desperately needed for patients with liver cancer.2
Immunotherapy has shown its advantages in treating liver cancer with various methods, including application of cytokine, tumor vaccines, immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy, and adoptive immunotherapy. These immunotherapies change the treatment objective from tumor itself up to the level of the whole immune system. As the newest and most promising immunotherapeutic strategy of adoptive cellular immunotherapy, CAR-T has already been applied to treat some solid tumor and homological malignancies. Just like the anti-CD19 CARs and anti-mesothelin CARs can lead to complete remission in relapsed or refractory B cell malignancies and malignant pleural mesotheliomas or pancreatic cancer, respectively, we believe that breakthrough progress will be made in the treatment and improvement of prognosis of liver cancer in the short run.
It was in June 2013, that I unexpectedly fell ill. I felt nauseous, extremely tired, lost my appetite, had pain in the upper right side of my stomach and just felt generally unwell. I assumed that I had the flu and I figured I would feel better within a week, but this was not the case. I started to notice that the whites of my eyes weren’t so white anymore; in fact, they were looking very yellow. This prompted me to seek medical help. Read more
During the recent economic climate, with uncertain employment prospects and staggering housing costs, some have even chosen to live in their cars as a strategic lifestyle. Pay off debt, simplify and de-clutter, avoid the yoke of an endless mortgage… Living in my car, proponents claim, means maximum flexibility with minimum overhead. In Walden on Wheels, a recent university graduate details his adventures in repaying $32,000 in student loans through taking odd jobs while having the adventures of a lifetime on the road — but he had an Econoline van, a palace compared with many modern sedans and compacts.
a. Organize, organize, organize! Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. In addition to your sleeping items, you will need a carry-on style suitcase for clothes, a laundry bag for clothes pending a trip to the laundry (with air freshener), a “chuck box” (your car camping kitchen supplies), water storage container and a cup/water bottle, a tool box, a briefcase organizer for paperwork, a box with your camping supplies, a toiletry case (with towel, washcloths, shampoo, soap/shower gel, hairbrush, other hygiene supplies), flashlight/LED lamp and candles.
Along with mapping out your route, you will want to do some research ahead of time to figure out where you will be spending your nights. Mark any and all good campgrounds along the way. Be sure to take note of any campground fees, and check the availability of each site as well. Otherwise, you might find yourself exhausted and without options at one o’clock in the morning, forced to spend the night at a semi-truck pull-off on the side of the highway in your Prius, surrounded by truckers and passing semis. Been there, done that. Don’t need to do that again.
And they NEVER once tell me who did the accusation, who did the lie, the attack, after all those months. “We deframe your character and tell it to your face all of a sudden and there is nothing you can do about it.” Like a case and jury and trial you heard nothing about is all shut over and done. Three times i just blasted them right back in the face all of a sudden, I mean with a loud strong voice, right into their face, so that the entire block or business would turn around and stare or hear clearly – because they do those things intimidation, defamation, and lies in silence or hidden. They don’t even come with proff because they think poor people are easy to shove around. But and only one time did I receive the rightful apology from the boss over the lies and abuse, so that I could continue to use what I was using before.

I spoke with a nutritionist prior to starting this adventure. Lundberg whole grain microwavable rice, which can be cooked after purchasing it at the grocery. There are a number of ways to store food in the car. I have a soft sided cooler, and a grocery bag full of nuts, and other dried foods. I am going to start purchasing food from the local farms, which can be stored in a hardshell cooler. it only needs to be kept cool.

For me! My solution is to experience life and see the country while I am able. I have decided to quit my work and commit to traveling. Now, my career is in medicine so finding work is not at all difficult. But, rather than work for THE MAN, I opted to freelance. I offer my expertise to any company that are in need of healthcare professional temporarily. I work under contract. The facility provide me a salary, travel expense and housing subsidies. I choose which state to work in and in which city. I do not want housing so living out of my car is exactly what i prefer. I read everyone’s advice and helpful tips which I will definitely keep mind. I idea is to live without and just do everything natural. I need to improve my body and mind so not having a place to live will cause me to spend more time being outdoors. I will only eat fruit and vegetables. Canned if I need to store. Nuts and dehydrated meats, water and supplement vitamins and minerals. Get a membership at gym to shower and actually work out. I love to read so now plenty of time to sit at parks or beach or Starbucks. I will not waste a day without having accomplished something. Everyday counts at my age! However, I will be without my wife. I won’t worry about my children cause they have their own life and happy. I just worry for my wife and will definitely miss her while on the road. Thank God for cell phones and unlimited text and data plan!!!!!!!!! Skype anyone? She supports me in everything and over 25 yrs of togetherness, she is ready for some time to herself. I love her which is another reason I choose to live meager. My salary goes to her. I may be away but I am still caring for my soulmate. If there is truth to the old saying “distance make the heart grow fonder”, I will find out. I hope to keep going with my life for a longer term. But, if not then at least I made an effort to change.

in alberta not all wallmarts have open parking lots, i was also doing some thinking is if their is a boarding house in any area, speak with the owners to see if you could rent their facilities at least their most if not all now adays have a phone,shower with washing machine and drier. most owners are polite with a small fee I’m sure they would accomdate you and the renters are normally 1 paycheck away from living on the street.
I’m aware that there are people who are forced to live in their cars by necessity. I’m conscious of the fact that my whiteness benefits me in living this lifestyle by choice. However, living in my car also allows me to save money for my hiking and travel endeavors, things that would be difficult to do if I had to pay for an apartment. Sure, I’m a girl from a middle class background, and I feel grateful for the opportunities available to me and not entitled to them. I regret that this article may have come across as deaf to social awareness. My intention was to present an idea of readjusting present priorities to make way for long term goals.
as far as banks go i have been thouroughly screwed by every bank i have ever been involved in whether they would hold payments until they knew i would overdraft or they simply took out money for no reason they wont reimburse you there is no such thing as a bank error in your favor they only want to hold you to the rat race it sux but no banks are not the way for me. and im sure most on this site will agree
Sleep is essential for health, comfort, and mental functioning. Unfortunately, most cars are not very comfortable for sleeping. Some car dwellers have successfully removed seats to build a bed, while other are able to fold seats flat to make a comfortable bed space. It is worth experimenting with different sleeping options before moving into the car to be sure you have a system that will work.

To rule out concerns related to the potential impact of the absence of leptin signaling in the ob/ob mice, we studied the effect of CAR activation in the diet induced obesity model of insulin resistance. Wild-type and CAR−/− mice were fed with a high-fat diet (45% of calories) for 2 months and treated with vehicle or TC for another month while maintaining the same diet. Consistent with the ob/ob results, TC treatment significantly improved glucose tolerance in wild-type mice, but not in the CAR−/− mice (Fig. 2D).