Living in your car on a quiet B-road might sound appealing, but that’s not strictly legal, either. If somebody spots and reports you to the local authority, you’re buggered. Councils may view this as unauthorised encampment and have powers to remove unauthorised campers (even if they’re in a McLaren 12C Spider) if it appears that they are ‘residing in a vehicle or vehicles within that authority’s area on any land forming part of a highway, on any unoccupied land or on any occupied land without the consent of the occupier.’

Keep your car inspection stickers and car tags current. Keep your car insured, too, so the cops won’t have any reasonable reason to arrest you and tow your car or truck. If you have the time, volunteering a respectable organizations like the Salvation Army, Red Cross, or other community based non-political organizations keeps your street record 5-star, too. Here in Jackson, MS there is a city department that helps the homeless find safe places to live or stay. Some of these organizations throw in a free meal and shower, if you volunteer with them.

Have any of you thought about living in an RV? My parents are no longer able to use their 5th wheel, truck and camping package. This is a rare combo because it includes a camping membership that allows you to stay free anywhere the camping club has a park in the US and Canada. Granted, if you have a job, this probably isn’t feasible; but if you’re disabled or retired, it’s a great option. (And, no: I’m not trying to sell you my parent’s RV package!)
To all of you above who think that living in a car is probably just for publicity, not a sensible way to be frugal, and can’t be done in cold climates – you are completely wrong. Living in a vehicle can be a terrific experience, can definitely be done in cold climates (ask some full-timers in the yahoo groups!), and is a smart way to get ahead. Don’t think that you have to listen to society and the mainstream and live in a house, paying rent or a mortgage. Living in a vehicle is actually very sensible. And if you think it’s not, you are being very close minded.
I use Staples or Best Buy for Free Wifi. They block Myspace but I can still look things up. I own a little minivan and have been parking at Walmart in the same spot for a 2 months and have never gotten in trouble. There was even a finder bender right in front of my van once and a couple cops were walking around. I didn’t move, but I have sheets over my windows. Perhapes they just don’t care where I’m at or maybe they honestly didn’t notice me. Either way I’m getting pretty bold, I don’t even bother with my curtens some nights.
If a life filled with adventure and exploration is the prime motivational factor behind living out of your car, then odds are you’re going to need (and be perpetually surrounded by) a lot of gear. In this case, every square inch of your new home on wheels is high-value real estate. So, it would certainly behoove you to invest in some ways to organize everything from your boots to tents to backpacks, along with ancillary hiking and camping gear.
What an awesome blog. I am so glad that I came across it. I have been living in a friends apartment garage for free. But now her son and his girlfriend want to move up there so now I need to leave. I went through a bad custody battle and lost to an abusive ex. It is all about who has the most money. And it wasn’t me. So now I am in debt with to attorney fees (2 attorneys), and medical expenses. Even if you have insurance you have to sell your lung to pay for things. So now I have been trying to decide what do I do now. So I decided to live in my car. Right now I am packing. I am excited about the experience. I got a gym membership so I can shower, and I found a Loves truck stop where hopefully I can get a goods night rest. I dont have a PO Box yet because there is a waiting list. I didn’t realize there was such a high demand for PO boxes. I am trying to find a 24 hour storage close to my work so it won’t be out of the way when I need to go there. Same thing with my PO box. I live in Texas and I don’t have any family. Plus I was in foster care growing up. The closest thing I have to family is my co-workers. They are amazing! But I don’t want anybody to know.
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Beside feeling terribly guilty about wanting to do this, there are other challenges I foresee and things I know that will not be easy. Florida is terribly hot at night in the summers and mosquitos are unbearable. One technical challenge I hope EV cars of the next few years embrace is battery use while the car is turned off or charging. EV cars of tomorrow can keep a car cool overnight for under 15% of the total battery! That will only get better. However, their systems tend to not allow you to cool the cab while they are off or charging. Some Tesla owners have found hacks to solve this, but manufactures have so far not seen any reason to incorporate such features.
Internal organs can suffer impact injuries due to the tremendous force that is placed on the body in a crash and they can also suffer penetrating injuries, caused by objects cutting through the flesh and puncturing the organs. Whether someone suffers an impact injury or a penetrating injury, the organs that are most frequently damaged in car crashes include the following: