If you can't afford a porta potti there are other options. A basic bucket half filled with water and detergent will serve as a potti. It will smell though. A layer of oil on top of the water will help keep the smell down. But that can be messy. You can use a bucket filled with sand, but that gets smelly too. A bucket filled with kitty litter works pretty good. You can pee into bottles, Gatorade bottles do well.
I experimented with this two years ago, sleeping in my car for 4 months. Then I moved to a different city for a new job and rented a room in someone’s house for cheap for a year. Then I returned to sleeping in my car for another 4 months. I could have done it longer, but I live in Texas and it is unbearably hot. (In the summer, it is still 92 degrees at 10pm. I wasn’t able to sleep.) I am now renting a room in a friend’s house. It’s $200 more a month than the last place I rented, which was a tough decision to make. I really enjoyed being able to make large payments on my school loans and start to knock them out, and now I am back to minimum payments.
To test whether diabetes and obesity affect CAR activity, 10-week-old ob/ob and ob/ob CAR−/− mice were treated with the CAR specific agonist TCPOBOP (TC) for a week. As expected, expression of CAR targets Cyp2B10 and Cyp3A11 were robustly elevated in the TC-treated ob/ob mice, but not in the ob/ob, CAR−/− mice or vehicle treated ob/ob mice. Thus, the ob/ob background has no apparent effect on either the basal activity or the agonist response of CAR (Fig. S2).
yes their are easier ways to heat your car/truck/SUV and van. 1 of them would be a heater but that would take alot out of your electrical system in your car. I’ve been doing research on every avenue for living in your car. For me i was very lucky when i bought my 97′ Ford Expedition (full size/4×4/fully loaded/leather with a 40/60 back seat) and yes it’s by choice to move into my suv.. If you can afford it, buy an isolator so you will be able to run your main battery plus a back-up battery. You will want to look into a different type of battery as well but it will work in your favour in the long run. you will want to change your batteries to what called agm, the battery isolator is so that you can run a 2nd battery and best part is that you can charge the 2nd battery when you go from point A-B. I figure that what i pay in rental/bills i can live off and be able to bank the rest. I bought the expedition for work, at the time i was working comercial construction. So i needed the full size bc i was the only one on the crew with my drivers and i found the Expedition was a very representible suv. which in my case it fit everyone on the crew, 1 plus 4 😉 march 1-2014 i’ll be moving into my 97′ Ford expedition suv. oh if you are looking into heating up your car, look into a full size “heated pet blanket” they are reasonably cheap and will only turn on when your sitting or laying on them. they take only 6 watts of power so it wont even be that much.

They sell heat pads specifically made for car seats online, that plug in directly to the cigarette lighter for $10. they have the shape and size of a car seat. But I like the king size heat pads because they are so much more versatile and easy to care for. You are not able to wash those car seat heat pads because of all the wiring inside and they are made with cloth and will just get atrocious filthy over time. They are not made to be washable like electric blankets. A heat pad is plastic covered and very easy to clean. You can put a foot warming electric blanket over your car seat. it is just larger than the size of a car seat and is wholly washable and durable. But they cost about $20 and you will need a plug in inverter to connect them to the battery. That is what I did and it works wonderful for sleeping. but if I want strong quick heat, like going back to the car to sit in or drive after shopping or studying for hours and the car is stone cold, you will need the heat pad.

when it comes to your windows you have a few choices, for the back ones you can get them tinted then just put a shade over the front window very much the same as what you do with the sun during the day. nothing wrong with that and who’s going to really notice. the 2nd option you might want to consider is painting the rear back door windows , from the out side it would look just like black tint then of course it would make the back follow suite just from looks.if you are taking out loans etc why not take out a little extra at least enough to cover the cost of a bigger vehicle. I know it might be a little more expensive but it would save on your sanity. As for places to stay I also found out that if you put a “security decal” on your vehicle people wont bother you as much. I always thought that when i see security stickers on any vehicle the 1st impression i get is stay away. If you go that route make sure it looks like every other security sticker out their to make it look official. Hope that helps.

"At first we did not have any other dwelling place," said Odom. "We traveled for years driving a tractor trailer, then for years in a small class C camper, then for years in a 34-foot large Class A, then for years in the Vanabode, which allowed us to save money to pay cash for a house. We now stay in the house part of the year then use the money from renting it out seasonally to travel the other part of the year." 

I think this is smart and awesome – too bad that you’ve experienced people being critical of you. It’s wonderful when people are truly willing to sacrifice and think outside the box to improve their situation and change their lives. I think one of the best parts of an experience like this is it teaches you how adaptable you are. So many people don’t change their lives because they can’t imagine adapting to anything different, even though we are all way more adaptable than we think. It’s also sad how accustomed to luxury so many Americans have become, causing them to assume they can’t cut things from their lives. But my experience is that one adjusts to new realities quickly, and if you know that about yourself, you can do radical things to change your life. Good job!
Let’s face it. We love television. Well, maybe you don’t, but we sure do, and so does just about everyone else. Even as viewership of traditional television sources falls, online viewership is on the rise. In fact, the 9th edition of Deloitte’s Digital Democracy Survey found that while cable and satellite television subscriptions remain the favorite method of television watching for Generation X, the Baby Boomers, and older folks, younger millennials have shifted focus almost entirely to streaming sources.

Exploring the molecular basis for decreased SREBP-1c expression, we found that CAR induces the phase II enzyme SULT2B1b, which sulfates and inactivates oxysterol agonists for LXR, a well known activator of SREBP-1c expression. The suppressive effect of CAR activation on lipogenic gene expression is substantially impaired in SULT2B1b knockout mice. Thus, it is likely that this indirect pathway of LXR ligand inactivation contributes significantly to the decreased SREBP-1c expression, and that there are additional mechanisms, including the previously described induction of INSIG-1 as primary CAR target (17).

Singapore allows deductions from your income to purchase a home. There is insurance on your home, so if you are ill, the house payments would still be paid,and you can repay once you are back at work. Murderers and drug dealers are hung on Friday morning. They fine you for tossing trash on the streets, and you pay to get a permit to drive a car in the thousands. Your car cannot be junk, for they have an excellent public transportation system. They avoided 9-11-01 in their country by paying attention and not worrying about stains on a blue dress. They have excellent healthcare, and you do not go broke paying for medical services. I wish I could live there,but they have very STRICT immigration laws, that you better obey!

Sleep is essential for health, comfort, and mental functioning. Unfortunately, most cars are not very comfortable for sleeping. Some car dwellers have successfully removed seats to build a bed, while other are able to fold seats flat to make a comfortable bed space. It is worth experimenting with different sleeping options before moving into the car to be sure you have a system that will work.
Dear Rhonda, one other thing to try is renting a small office space. I did this for a year in the best city within the bay area, Campbell – California. I was only paying $250 and it worked out quite well. I had a key that opened the office 24 / 7 and as long as you hide the fact that you are living in your office, all is fine. I took showers at the local gym for $15 per month and the local farmer’s market was available on Sundays for fresh produce. There are a lot of small offices all over the city, every city and the trick is to make your office look like an office. There is a sleeping bag that folds down to the size of a grapefruit and a camping sleeping pad that rolls into a small tight roll and can be easily stored. It is much nicer sleeping in an office and the utilities are usually free and the bathroom generally has a key in order to use, the toilet paper and towel paper are typically free. This is nice because the bathroom is usually not a mess when each office tenant has their own key to enter the bathroom. A small storage unit from Public Storage is a great extended closet, it is best to pay a few months in advance just incase something happens and you can’t afford to pay right away.
You’re prob a republican who doesn’t “believe” in this, but your situation is exactly what we liberals try to fight to help people for. Republicans would just say “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” where we would provide a safety net for people in your situation just like every other civilized country does. If you’re a republican, I don’t feel sorry for you because you’ve voted against your own best interests. Our society should step in and help people like you. Ironically the same a holes who would leave u in the streets, are so called “Christians”. Jesus would help you if he was alive today and the same a holes would probably stone bith if you and leave you by the side of the road to die, if they could. That’s how heartless republicans are and they call themselves Christians.
Nomadic ways of living have been with humanity for ever in every place. There is a holy people remembered and honored forever in the Old Testament that were nomadic, (other than Moses leading Israel in the desert). Nomadic living is not just for the destitute, the alone (I am alone like yourself), or the mentally disordered. And there is an oppression and distortion about nomadic living in this country like no where else. People act like they have eradicated nomadic living from the modern glorious u.s.a. and there is no reason for it.

Now, several years later I had a decent job and got a large sedan. But all of a sudden I’ve lost what was to be a good job with the economy and have re-applied for unemployment extension from a stint last year. I just will not be able to afford rent and my car payment, insurance, cell, etc. I moved into this studio apartment the beginning of the year and now I’m thinking about returning to the car option for a domicile for a while.
I don’t think any of us should judge the family. Who knows what the situation was? Maybe they needed that extra cash. Someone above said they’d let their nephew live with them (without paying a dime?) until the nephew retired if he needed to. Really?! Not to judge you either, but why should someone live rent-free, family or no family? A temporary situation is one thing, but you can love your family and still need to keep your boundaries and expect them to pick up their end of things. Esp when we’re talking about adults. Just my opinion.
Private sites, of which there are around 7,000 in the UK, might be a safe bet. These tend to be holiday sites, or they are owned by travellers themselves. They have mod-cons, such as washing and cooking facilities, but they usually don’t want travellers or gypsies as patrons, even those living in a Ferrari, so they may cap the number of nights you can stay or refuse you entry.

Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), a cell surface glycoprotein associated with carcinomas, has been shown to be predictive of metastatic potential of patients with hepatic metastases from colorectal cancer. Frampas et al.26 constructed colonic cancer model in mice and evaluated the impact of tumor location on tumor antigen direct targeting CEA with radiolabeled anti-CEA antibodies, and they revealed a high biodistribution of radiolabeled anti-CEA antibody. Moreover, Burga et al. have constructed CAR-T targeting CEA to detect its efficiency in mice model with liver metastasis (LM). And they demonstrated that regional infusion of anti-CEA CAR-T in mice with LM can delay tumor progression.27 In conclusion, CEA is also a candidate TAA for liver cancer immunotherapy.
A good buy for any car dweller is a low voltage cut out device.[11] This device protects your car's battery by cutting off the electricity once the battery reaches a voltage where it can still start the car, but can't really run plug in devices much more. These usually retail for about $25-$40. They are a very good investment for a car dweller, as continual flattening of your battery will damage it, resulting in a costly replacement, and inconvenience of not being able to start the car.
For little over a week I have been living in my car. My lease was up and I sold what I could and gave everything else away and moved myself, clothes, linens and toiletries, oh and my 3 cats into an 02 Cavalier. I found it easier to put my clothes in bags instead of plastic containers. The litter box is in the trunk and back seats are folded down for the cats to have easy access. I started with a large cooler in the front seat but it got to be too much of a hassle. I drove over 1000 miles to a warm sunny state and found a rest area by the water that allows overnight parking and has clean restrooms. So I am trying to find a job and a new apartment as I do need some sort of income. Can’t be standing on the streets with a sign saying will work for catfood. Lol. My biggest issue is trying to find a hot shower. I use the outdoor ones and wear my bathing suit but would love a nice indoor one. I pretty much live on McDonald’s which is cheap. This is all new to me. I’m a 50 year old MBA graduate and felt the need to explore.
3. Do not park, ready to bed down for the night, until after 11 pm, as people usually don’t go to sleep until that time or later. When I pull into a spot. I sit real still and survey the area. Is anyone looking? Can I bed down safely? Is anyone peering out their windows at me. If anyone is seen in 5 minutes of sitting real still in the drivers seat, I leave and find a new place.
What about an air mattress? I’ve been thinking about doing this to get rid of debt, as well. I’m a 17 year veteran of the mortgage business as a loan officer. However, with the crisis it’s been horrible. I just stopped paying my mortgage and credit cards out of survival. I don’t want to touch my retirement savings at the age of 50, so I’m not even thinking of that. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and figure an inflatable mattress would work. I also have a gym membership at a 24 hour club, which I would use to shower and keep fit. It’s nationwide too! I figure it may be a year before I actually have to do this because the banks are letting people stay in their homes longer than usual. I will try to sell my home, but who knows how that will go in this market. Anyways, love this site and all the great suggestions. Best wishis to all!
so I had to get a metal automotive hose. they sell ones that are already heat reflective. designed just for that purpose of drawing in cool outside air and keeping it cool. or you can get a metal one and wrap heat reflective tape around it, they sell that tape at Autozone, but the best thing is to get the hose that is already heat reflective. ask if they can special order it. I tried the tape idea, and the glue did not work, so I then had to buy metal foil tape at Home Depot and put that around it.

While Cochrane is not the first to articulate this idea, he’s a firm believer in it: routine is the enemy of time. The more routines you create for yourself, the less you actually live and the more you turn into a robot. If you want to create a superficial floor and ceiling for your emotions, if you want to limit your creative power, if you want to stomp out your curiosity, then stay in the same house, work the same job, repeat the same commute, eat the same foods, and keep the same insular group of friends. If you want to really live, then let go of as many routines as you can and do something that scares you every day.
I cried a couple times in my car when I felt absolutely hopeless. Most of the time I was very thankful for the life I had. I was glad I had my car. I had a computer. I had a job. I essentially had everything I needed. I knew I had no reason to be ungrateful. I knew there were many others in Los Angeles and around the world who were a lot less fortunate than I was.
What am I missing as a regular expense? Obviously, It’d be nice to afford a gym membership but saving is more important to me and, I’ve been homeless before and it’s not that tough to find a place to shower plus, I have a pocket puppy who needs exercise, too. We can hike in the winter and swim in the summer. Velcro attachable weights don’t take up much room.

Other than buying a house, new car purchases are some of the largest single transactions most people do on their own. Unfortunately, they are also some of the deals that are most often not made in the buyer's best interest. Before buying a new car, start by learning about the 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Car. Once you've familiarized yourself with those common car-buying mistakes, check out these opportunities to save some money on the purchase:
Big Sur, the actual entirety of Big Sur, is stunning. Bordered to the east by the Santa Lucia Mountains and the west by the Pacific Ocean, it’s traversed by narrow, 2-lane highway, known for winding turns, seaside cliffs and views of the often misty coastline. It’s possible (barely) to whip around the winding turns, but who would want to? I enjoyed the slow ride (probably only accelerating faster than thirty-five miles per hour a few times throughout the entire ride through Big Sur.
To best utilize the limited space in her Forester, Tan and her boyfriend removed the rear seats and built a custom bed with drawers in the back, which provides storage space for gear and cooking supplies as well as a place to sleep. The combo eliminated their need for eating out and staying in hotels while traveling, which makes extended trips even more accessible.
So other than your student loans, which will be forgiven if you stayed employed for 5 consecutive years, you are debt free? Is it your goal to save up enough money to pay cash for a replacement car? Once that’s done, then what? Will you continue to live on your NEW car? Or will you feel like you can go & rent a room or apt somewhere? While you told us where you’ve been & where you are now financially, I’d like to know where you want to go in the future, past saving for a car. While I applaud your fortitude go make drastic changes, I can also see that you could have the tendency to continue to live in your car as some others have already commented. You have to do what’s best for you, but you also have to think about how far you’re going to hit your goals (whatever those are).
First thing is to loose the back seat and build a real bed out 2x4s, plywood and get some foam from a fabric store then cover it with a cheep sleeping bag from a discount store, do not towel up your windows dark tint is enough always be ready to roll, I learned to sleep with just a baseball cap over my eyes, I want to see what the dog is growling about. best secret of all is TRUCK STOPS, some have lounges where you can hangout and watch tv and wash your clothes, internet, but i’m warning you to not go in the back with the semis stay in front with the cars, semi drivers run on a time frame 14hrs. on 10 off. they don`t just want to stop they have to stop. don`t be the guy in the only possible space, you will find yourself parked in unable to leave. respect that and nobody will bother you, I`ve even grilled out in the packing lot, I also traveled with my doberman so security wasn’t an issue. and I wasn’t lonely. Showers in truck stops cost about ten bucks, so really good to join a gym,
It is difficult for all but the most desperate or disciplined to give up all their earthly possessions, and climate controlled storage (to prevent mold and vermin) is not cheap. To prevent depression and maintain hygiene you will need gym membership (preferably 24 hours with multiple locations so no one will notice you are working out in the clothes you wore yesterday).
Being woken up in the night, has occurred sometimes, I just don’t undress to sleep or wear pajamas. It is usually very disturbing and I find that I cannot sleep there after a cop wakes me up, I have to get up and go elsewhere. And I really don’t know how to handle that. I go to that spot another time and I can rest, but at that night the cops wake me up and check on me, I just cannot go back to sleep or relax. Usually.
I lost my job out in Denver about 4 months back then I spent the rest of my saving on a move to Idaho for another job. Which I was laid off from after 6 weeks so after two months without work I’m pretty much broke. I just sold/pawned/gave away most of my possessions and in 2 weeks I’ll be moving into my ’95 Subaru wagon and driving to Portland to look for work I’ve got heard that the shelters there offer free 24 hr showers and a place to send/receive mail. I’ll admit to being a little anxious about this decision because if my car gets impounded for vagrancy I’m on the street but I’m also somewhat excited as I’ll be living on my own terms with more flexibility than I’ve every really had. I don’t think I have a romanticized view on doing this I’m sure some days I’ll get damn sick of my car but think it’ll force me to be more active than I’ve been in the past. Anyway this is a great thread I’m glad to have found it lots of great pointers and I look forward (sort of) to joining my fellow vehicle dwellers in PDX

They aren’t the only ones. Spending on experiences like food, travel, and recreation is up for all consumers, making up more than 20 percent of Americans’ consumption expenses in 2015. (In contrast, the share for spending on household goods and cars was in the single digits.) Baby-boomer parents, downsizing as they enter retirement, find that their grown children are uninterested in inheriting their hoards of Hummels and Thomas Kinkade paintings. The same “live with less” logic has begun to extend beyond stuff to the spaces these older adults occupy.

To rule out concerns related to the potential impact of the absence of leptin signaling in the ob/ob mice, we studied the effect of CAR activation in the diet induced obesity model of insulin resistance. Wild-type and CAR−/− mice were fed with a high-fat diet (45% of calories) for 2 months and treated with vehicle or TC for another month while maintaining the same diet. Consistent with the ob/ob results, TC treatment significantly improved glucose tolerance in wild-type mice, but not in the CAR−/− mice (Fig. 2D).