Fish themselves are not magnetic (unless there is some weird breed lurking at the bottom of the sea somewhere) but it has been known for fishermen to attach magnets to their line, but this is not the same thing that we are talking about here. Our hobby involves the use of a strong magnet attached to a reliable rope in order to retrieve magnet items from the bottom of canals and lakes.
Not satisfied with this, we figured that we should show up at the lake with some bigger, stronger magnets that would be ridiculously strong.  For the monster magnet picker-upper, we bolted three MMS-B-Z0 magnets across a length of aluminum extrusion, and tied that to our rope.  This setup is a lot more powerful, so we did worry about it getting attached to something that would exceed our ability to pull up with a rope.
The best magnet to use for magnet fishing is a neodymium magnet as their relatively compact size can have a huge pull force. Neodymium magnets are rare-earth magnets and are considered to be one of the strongest magnets available. As a note of caution, please be very careful when handling these magnets as they are very strong and can cause injury, and can damage electronics. Never attempt to put two of these magnets together as they can shatter from the force.
I'm glad this magnet is packaged the way it came. A nice cardboard box with a foam insert to hold your magnet in storage AND to keep it away from attaching to any ferrous metal in the vicinity ;-). I haven't magnet fished it yet, but I can tell it will be just what I wanted. Good quality in fit and finish. $35.99 isn't cheap, but this isn't a typical cheap magnet either. I don't think you will be disappointed.
The most widely used magnet types are neodymium magnets or super magnets. These magnets are available in varying sizes and pull force. For an adult, it may be appropriate to start with a pull power of about 80-120 kg. There are much stronger magnets but if such a super strong magnet sticks perfectly to a heavy object, you may have trouble releasing it. So start with a weaker magnet until you get used to magnet fishing.
Magnet grades are used to identify how strong a magnet is, and magnet grades range from N35, the weakest, to N52, the ultimate in performance and holding power. When you buy an N52 magnet, you are buying the strongest magnet in that size that is commercially available. Neodymium magnets that are grade N52 are 35% stronger than commonly found N35 magnets.Wukong Brand is a professional manufacturer and distributor of neodymium magnets. All of our neodymium magnets's magnetic grade is N52
Like any outdoor activity, make sure you take along with you suitable gear to make the most of the experience. At minimum, bring a bucket to carry your finds, a brush to get rid of debris, and wear tough gloves to avoid injury when pulling the rope, and handling sharp and rusted metal. Bring along a small plastic container for storing small items like fishing hooks and lures, nails, and other metal bits. You can add a grappling hook to your gear which will become handy when retrieving heavy items.
Anybody who says that this doesn't have the stated 150lb pull is just wrong. If used PROPERLY its power is massive. I have taken some photos for proof. I used a 3/16 inch thick piece of solid, clean, dry, unpainted steel for my example (actually, 1/16 less than the stated requirements for a proper pull). As you can see from the scale in my photos, I was able to pull over 130lbs. I could pull more, but it tended to release just over 140lbs, thus was hard to take a photo, and I really didn't want to hit myself in the legs anymore. I'm confident with the proper thickness of 1/4 inch it would hold 150lbs as stated. I have also picked up anvils, ammo boxes full of tools, etc. As long as it is thick and has the proper surface area, this thing will pick it up. The eyebolt needed a little adjustment, but has yet to break. If it does, it will be easy to replace.
excellent magnets, exactley as described my wife and grandaughter and I used them for fishing along the boat docks and they worked perfectly grandaughter and wife had a blast...definetly will purchase again if we happen to damage or loose these ones. Excellent comunication with the seller and the items arrived ahead of schedule delivery date. do your self a favor and purchase a couple of these you wont regret it.
This magnet is very strong. If you place it in the center of most metal parts it will take a strong hand to pry it free. I'm using a small pipe through the eyelet, you have to use leverage to break this magnet free. I lifted a 30lb plate with it, I am sure it will go heavier but that's not safe. I have had magnets that look just like this but they would only hold 5 lbs. This is the real deal!
NdFeB Pot Magnets are best for small sized magnetic products with maximum pull strength (ideally when in direct contact with ferromagnetic e.g. mild steel surfaces). The actual pull force achieved is dependent on the surface that is being clamped onto (material type, thickness, flatness, friction levels, etc), its quality (e.g. rust free), its size (thickness plus total surface area), etc. There are many applications for NdFeB Pot Magnets, mainly in applications where a strong clamping force is required. Applications include Point of Sale, windows dressing, door / cupboard and gate clamps, false ceiling clamps, signs and banners, torque limited seals, jigs and fixtures, lighting holders, marketing and exhibition displays, retrieval magnets, industrial fixings, etc.
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This thing works great. I stick it to the inside of my truck bed with a rope attached to it. I then use that rope to tie things down by simply wrapping it around the factory installed tie downs. No knots and makes moving things much easier than bungee cords or tie down straps. Easy to remove if necessary but it's not coming off unless you want it to.

HIGH QUALITY DESIGN - The neodymium round base magnet is made of a super strong neodymium magnet encased inside a chrome plated steel cup. With the magnet force centralized on the bottom, allowing the other three sides to be sealed, protecting the central magnet from outside damage.Also the eyebolt provides very easy use, but for example you can replace it with your own designs such as a hook for hanging objects inside your home.
I got this fishing magnet for my husband's birthday and he absolutely loves it. I think he was able to get a couple of items from the lake nearby our house. I was kind of skeptical at first with it being such a small size. You do have to be careful though especially around the kids. I don't let my kids go near it. When it attaches to a piece of metal, it's pretty hard to get the magnet off.
This versatile retrieving magnet is a great tool around any shop, garage, septic tank, pool or ranch. Easily retrieve lost fishing gear, separate scrap iron from waste or clear your garage of nails, screws and sharp metal after your next project! Whatever the application, you can attach your own choice of line or the retrieving magnet can be easily mounted to your wall or workbench as a holdfast.
Similar to metal detecting where objects are found on land using a metal detector, magnet fishing is about finding metal objects in bodies of water using strong magnets. Have you always imagined what could be at the bottom of a lake near where you live? There have been interesting finds by people who have been curious enough to tie a magnet at the end of a rope to answer this – many of them were very surprised with what they have found. Magnet fishing is indeed an interesting and inexpensive outdoor hobby that anyone can do, and it gives the outdoor enthusiast a chance to interact with their environment in a very unique way. Imagine experiencing the thrill of the hunt of what you will find next, the excitement of pulling some metal treasure out of the water, and being able to easily and quickly see what’s ‘below the surface’ when you come across an interesting water spot that you think may be keeping something special.