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Magnet fishing is suited for people who are curious, enjoy the outdoors, and who are patient. You can be a type of explorer, adventurer, and a big game hunter as your main interest, but the simplicity of just dropping a magnet and reeling it in after you sense the ‘magnetic clunk’ creates the excitement and anticipation of what will be brought to the surface. This excitement will never get old as you explore new places to fish, or quickly stop to drop your magnet when you stumble upon an interesting place. You can spend as little or as much time as you want on this hobby. Remember, you’re always one cast away from finding your next metal treasure.
What can be captured with magnets are the so-called ferromagnetic metals. Gold and silver do not belong to them so they have to be pulled up with the help of any other metal. Gold and silver can, for example, be in containers or boxes that you find, or on jewellery or chains made from a magnetic metal. Should anyone have deliberately hidden or lowered precious metals into the water, it is almost always stored in some form of container. These containers can, if you are lucky, be pulled up to the surface.
The most widely used magnet types are neodymium magnets or super magnets. These magnets are available in varying sizes and pull force. For an adult, it may be appropriate to start with a pull power of about 80-120 kg. There are much stronger magnets but if such a super strong magnet sticks perfectly to a heavy object, you may have trouble releasing it. So start with a weaker magnet until you get used to magnet fishing.
Multi-Use - This can be used for Household or industrial, indoor and outdoor. It works ceiling hooks for small plant, hand tools or gadgets, and it can be used for fun. it is a good idea for fishing, lifting, hanging, retrieving applications. Have fun to searching items like eye bolt, screws, coins, fasteners and so on in your warehouse garage or yard
These are two double sided permanent Treasure Salvage Magnets (Two-Ways NdFeB Search Magnet, Retrieving and Holding Magnets, Recovery Magnets) with 100-600kg pull power for each side. Lost any KEYS or a Weapon down a drain or overboard on a boat ! great for finding them. Treasure Hunting etc. All you will need is a STRONG rope. Treasure Salvage strong […]

Magnet fishing is a very fun hobby gaining new practitioners every day. With a long rope and a powerful magnet, you can make really nice finds. Magnet fishing is a hobby that suits everyone regardless of age or gender. It also has a positive impact on the environment as you pick up things that should not be there, from the bottom of the lakes and channels. It is the perfect blend of treasure hunting and environmental work; a treasure hunt both adults and children will love.

The heavy duty construction of this magnet features a female threaded steel cup and a threaded eye bolt that attaches directly to the cup instead of through the magnet.so it can Ensure the use of Security. Lots of Fun for River and Lake Fishing as Vacation and Family Activities. Great for Spending Time with Family Exploring What Can be Found in Rivers, Lakes or Anywhere Else.
N52 Rare Earth NdFeB Salvage Permanent Magnet with Eyelet, SQUARE RECOVERY MAGNET, VERY STRONG FISHING UNDERWATER TREASURE HUNTING EYEBOLT MAGNET, Treasure Hunting Recovery Magnet River Fishing, RETRIEVING MAGNET neodymium Retrieval Magnets N52 Rare Earth NdFeB Salvage Permanent Magnet Specifications: Diameter round 47 mm high 47 mm Thead M8 These Neodymium Iron Boron magnets are also […]
N52 Super Strong Rare Earth Block Fishing Neodymium Magnet, Powerful Neodymium Retrieval Block Countesunk Magnet, N52 NdFeB Rare Earth Recovery Salvage Magnet, Holding and Retrieving Neodymium Permanent Fishing Magnets N52 Super Strong Rare Earth Block Fishing Neodymium Magnet Specification: Name: Strong Countesunk Magnets Material: Rare earth NdFeB Diameter 100 X 50 X 20mm Thread M8 […]
Magnet grades are used to identify how strong a magnet is, and magnet grades range from N35, the weakest, to N52, the ultimate in performance and holding power. When you buy an N52 magnet, you are buying the strongest magnet in that size that is commercially available. Neodymium magnets that are grade N52 are 35% stronger than commonly found N35 magnets.Wukong Brand is a professional manufacturer and distributor of neodymium magnets. All of our neodymium magnets's magnetic grade is N52.
You need a very strong magnet for magnet fishing. It is best to get the strongest magnet you can carry and tie securely to a rope. Keep in mind that the magnet’s pull force will be at its maximum when the metal object is fully flat against it. During magnet fishing however, a flat contact would be difficult to achieve as objects that have been sitting at the bottom of a lake for a long time tend to accumulate debris (soil, vegetation, rust, algae etc.), and the metal object itself may not be flat – this is why getting a much stronger magnet is advisable to compensate for these irregularities. Remember also that the bigger finds will need a stronger magnet to be pulled out of their longtime resting place, dragged through, and out of the water.