excellent magnets, exactley as described my wife and grandaughter and I used them for fishing along the boat docks and they worked perfectly grandaughter and wife had a blast...definetly will purchase again if we happen to damage or loose these ones. Excellent comunication with the seller and the items arrived ahead of schedule delivery date. do your self a favor and purchase a couple of these you wont regret it.

Fish themselves are not magnetic (unless there is some weird breed lurking at the bottom of the sea somewhere) but it has been known for fishermen to attach magnets to their line, but this is not the same thing that we are talking about here. Our hobby involves the use of a strong magnet attached to a reliable rope in order to retrieve magnet items from the bottom of canals and lakes.

This is my first magnet like this and consider me impressed! It is well built and super strong. I thought I would attach it to the frame of my power rack (thick metal) to see just how strong it was. That turned out to be an err in judgement on my part. After considerable force and a few scratches it finally slid off but wow.....it did take a lot effort.
There have been no major reports of magnetfishers failing to observe landowners, local authority regulations concerning outdoor waters, or seeking permissions where appropriate.[6] However it is illegal, and punishable by a ₤25 fine, to magnetfish, or remove any material from canal or inland navigation under the control of the Canal & River Trust in England or Wales, other than the Lee and Stort Navigation, Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, and River Severn Navigation.[7] Trust spokesperson Fran Read stated "Magnet fishing can have its dangers, and consequently it is expressly prohibited by the Trust." An example of this being A news report by ITV Central which included a video of a family recording an incident of one of their children pulling a sawn-off shotgun out of Titford Canal in Oldbury, West Midlands, on Sunday 26 August. They later rang the police and the gun was removed and taken for analysis. [3] The Trust refrains from legal action for first-time offenders.[3]
River Fishing Recovery Magnet w/ M14 Eyebolt, Retrieval Fishing Ferrite Pot Magnet with Eyelet, Powerful Round Ceramic Countesunk Magnet, Ferrite Recovery Salvage Magnet, Holding and Retrieving Fishing Permanent Magnets River Fishing Recovery Magnet w/ M14 Eyebolt Sea Fishing Treasure Hunting With Eyelet 125mm diameter x 100mm tall including M14 eyebolt 2% tolerance Each magnet can […]

Detecting with a metal detector is a hobby which is quite widespread. It is not as common, however, to have tried Magnet fishing. If you enjoy being out in the woods and fields and discovering new (and old) things, magnet fishing is definitely something for you to try. Through all times people have lost or thrown, things in the water that they have not been able to get back. These things are now waiting at the bottom of streams and lakes. Waiting to be found and pulled to the surface by someone with a strong magnet.
Ensure the use of Security and Get a lots of fun The heavy duty construction of this magnet features a female threaded steel cup and a threaded eye bolt that attaches directly to the cup instead of through the magnet.so it can Ensure the use of Security. Lots of Fun for River and Lake Fishing as Vacation and Family Activities. Great for Spending Time with Family Exploring What Can be Found in Rivers, Lakes or Anywhere Else. Great for Holding or Fixing for Your Garage or Yard Items
In addition to a strong magnet, you will need a good rope as your line. We recommend to get a rope that is at least 50ft in length which would be long enough for shallow water and for fishing in most places. If you know for sure that where you want to fish is very deep, or you want to be able to cast your line far from the water’s edge, then you can use a 100ft rope. When fishing from bridges, then definitely use a 100ft rope.
AOMAG Round Neodymium Magnet with Diameter of 4.72 inch and Thickness of 0.80 this fishing magnet is made with A3 steel plate and coated with Nickel-Copper-Nickel to be the strongest type of permanent magnet available Multi Purposed with COUNTERSUNK HOLE and Extremely strong Neodymium Magnet is idea salvaged of various iron-containning nickel material in river, flishing, hanging, or anything need strong magnetic you can make good use .

Old wells have proven to be very rich in old finds; both those that have been dropped and those that have been intentionally thrown into the well. Bathing places, bridges, piers and harbours, both new and old, are good places. Nearly all cities and communities have rivers, canals and streams that flow through, and guaranteed there will have been a lot of stuff thrown or fallen in. Most things may be just scrap or junk, but some finds will be exciting.
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And then you need a good place to fish, of course. There are many places suitable for magnetic fishing. First of all, it’s good if it’s not too deep, as you’re pulling the magnet along the bottom. Secondly, it’s good if it’s not too muddy and too many branches or tree trunks which the magnet can get caught or tangled in. The next thing is fairly obvious – it needs to be a place where there are or where there have been people.

The magnets had a big impact. “Across the summer we deployed close to a thousand traps and we found pretty significant effects from those magnets, which basically reduced the total catch of the sharks by about 30 percent, which is great for that fishery," marine biologist Vincent Raoult, co-author of the study in the journal Fisheries Research tells Millington. Because the magnets successfully deterred sharks, there was more room for fish in the traps. In total, magnet traps had about 30 percent more fish in them than usual.
NdFeB Pot Magnets are best for small sized magnetic products with maximum pull strength (ideally when in direct contact with ferromagnetic e.g. mild steel surfaces). The actual pull force achieved is dependent on the surface that is being clamped onto (material type, thickness, flatness, friction levels, etc), its quality (e.g. rust free), its size (thickness plus total surface area), etc. There are many applications for NdFeB Pot Magnets, mainly in applications where a strong clamping force is required. Applications include Point of Sale, windows dressing, door / cupboard and gate clamps, false ceiling clamps, signs and banners, torque limited seals, jigs and fixtures, lighting holders, marketing and exhibition displays, retrieval magnets, industrial fixings, etc.
HIGH QUALITY DESIGN - The neodymium round base magnet is made of a super strong neodymium magnet encased inside a chrome plated steel cup. With the magnet force centralized on the bottom, allowing the other three sides to be sealed, protecting the central magnet from outside damage.Also the eyebolt provides very easy use, but for example you can replace it with your own designs such as a hook for hanging objects inside your home.
Magnet fishing is more like going treasure hunting in the water than it is like actual fishing. In other words, you won’t catch any fish with this method, unless they are made completely of iron or some other strongly magnetic material. Some treasure hunters throw magnets in lakes and other water ways to attract magnetic metals and pull them up. The hope is that something valuable will surface, but often miscellaneous items like bottle caps and keys are found as well. In fact, strong lifting magnets called magnet retrieval tools are specially designed to retrieve items that are lost at the bottom of bodies of water.
In addition to a strong magnet, you will need a good rope as your line. We recommend to get a rope that is at least 50ft in length which would be long enough for shallow water and for fishing in most places. If you know for sure that where you want to fish is very deep, or you want to be able to cast your line far from the water’s edge, then you can use a 100ft rope. When fishing from bridges, then definitely use a 100ft rope.