Now that you are familiar with the product, it’s time to see Kparser in action. Just enter the name of your product’s niche and let the tool do the work for you. It will take only a few seconds and you’ll find out your customers’ interests and get insights for optimization and your advertising campaign. It’s time to kickstart your keyword research for Amazon or eBay products with Kparser!
Google AdWords is a powerful advertising tool, which can provide you with the data necessary to boost sales of your Amazon products. The Google Keyword Planner is just one of the many free features offered by Google AdWords. Monitor and compare keywords trends with Google Keyword Planner to anticipate daily product tendencies, but also be prepared to have to learn new things constantly. Google Keyword Planner monitors keywords from Google search engine, however, and using it to search for the best keywords for the Amazon may not be effective.
Keyword Tool uses this Amazon feature to generate hundreds of long-tails keywords for Amazon keyword optimization in seconds. Keyword Tool takes the seed keyword that you specify, places it into the Amazon search box and appends it with different letters and numbers. Then Keyword Tool pulls all the keyword suggestions generated by Amazon and presents it to you in a straightforward and elegant manner. All the processes happen behind the scenes and take mere seconds.